A letter to me on my 34th birthday

Dear Stacey

So, how’s that new blog schedule working out for you?  As a casual observer, it feels like nothing is ever posted when you planned to and we’re always running at least 2 weeks behind.  Which is why it’s currently the 18th August and we’re only just writing our annual birthday blog post.

In fact, if I had to give an inspirational motto for next year, it would be “Less planning, More doing”.  No one could deny that you are the queen of planning and preparation, your list-writing skills are out of this world and you have a lot of big ideas.  Unfortunately, you’re not always the best at putting those plans into action and often you fall into the trap of thinking that if you’ve planned to do something, then you’re already half way to completing it.

Anyway, that’s not actually the purpose of this blog post (congratulations for once again getting distracted and going off-topic.)  What we’re actually here for is to discuss the fact that yet another year has passed and you are now well into mid-30s territory.

Still, what a year it’s been.  In January, you joked that you wanted to try positive thinking and manifesting good things into your life. So far this year, you’ve been given a promotion that you didn’t even have to ask for (although you’re certainly earning it now with all the extra work it entails).  You’ve got a new car, even though you were sure you’d never be able to afford one and had resigned yourself to catching the bus FOREVER. You got cast in panto, which means you get to appear on stage with Miss Mess for the first time, as well as hang out with some great friends and be part of a brilliant show. All of which isn’t bad to say that you brought the book “The Secret”, got bored after the first chapter and never finished it.

I’m calling that a win for 2019 and positive thinking and if the second half could be as fab as the first half then I will be a very happy bunny.

The truth is, you really haven’t done anything differently this year to any other year.  And there have been some really rough years in the recent past. So maybe, as we get older, more experienced and hopefully a touch wiser, we learn to play with the hand we are dealt celebrate our wins, however small and live with our losses.  You’re definitely on someting of a winning streak at the moment, so enjoy it, make the most of it and never forget that your luck can change in the blink of an eye.

Happy (belated) birthday.

Here’s to another busy but exciting year with, hopefully, more ups than downs!


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