Theatre Review: “Stand In The Spotlight”, Spotlight Theatre

A couple of weeks ago, we were treated to not one, but two evenings of fabulous live theatrical entertainment from the very talented bunch that are Spotlight Theatre Company.

After a “heavenly” evening on Friday watching their amazing production of “Sister Act”, we were then invited back on Sunday night to watch their annual showcase “Stand In The Spotlight”, also performed at the Nottingham Playhouse.

When Spotlight are not producing professional quality performances, they are training up the upcoming musical theatre talent of the future. Spotlight offers classes in drama, dance and singing, from ages 4 to adult, and the showcase is their opportunity to show all of their hard work to their family and friends.

This was my first time watching the Spotlight annual showcase, but after seeing some of the performers in Sister Act two days earlier, I had pretty high expectations.

“Stand In The Spotlight” showcased a wide variety of different types of theatre, including the expected musical theatre numbers as well as choral singing, acting monologues as well as many different forms of dance, from ballet and tap to more contemporary styles of dance. It was definitely a show that featured something for everyone.

Although it would be impossible to talk about each individual act, I do want to talk a little about each of the groups of students and to also mention a few of my highlights from the show.

The Juniors, the youngest of the groups were simply adorable. They completely melted hearts whenever they were on stage but I was also very impressed with how well they knew their each of their musical numbers and that they didn’t need to have a teacher on stage with them.

There were some really confident little performers in the Inters group. It was great to see so many faces that I recognised from other performances and to see them have a chance to show off their skills in more featured roles.

The senior group, tasked with the most complicated of the numbers were a group of great all-rounders with bags of talent between them. Their ballet section around The Red Shoes was particularly beautiful.

There were so many excellent musical numbers that I could never mention them all, but particular favourites of mine would have to be the Harry Potter section, with the Battle of Hogwarts told through physical theatre, the superb Miss Trunchball monologue, and the lovely duet As Long As You’re mine from Wicked (in fact, the whole Wizard of Oz section was incredibly well done.)

All of the Spotlight tutors had done a fantastic job in putting the show together. The selection of pieces was interesting and varied, the choreography was exciting and well excited and all of the groups produced a lovely quality of sound. It was also really nice to see them make an appearance on stage at the end of evening, in definitely the funniest number of the night.

Overall, the girls and I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening at the Spotlight Showcase. Freya and Poppy were suitably impressed and Freya is already asking when she’s allowed to join. (So if anyone knows were I can sell a kidney on the black market I’d be very grateful for the heads up.)

If you want more information on Spotlight Theatre and the different classes they offer, you can find everything you need to know on their website

Disclaimer: Complimentary tickets were gifted for review purposes. All views and opinions are my own

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