Help! I’ve forgotten how to be a blogger!

Urgh!  2018 was definitely not a good year for blogging on A Mess In A Dress.   I only posted 22 blogs posts, in contrast to the 101 posts in 2017 and the 133 posts in 2016.  In fact, that was my lowest number of annual blog posts since I joined WordPress in 2014.

Unsurprisingly, my total views and visitors were also shockingly depressing when compared to previous years.  It definitely wasn’t a year to brag about, that’s for sure.

The lack of posting wasn’t always due to lack of motivation.  There were many times I’d spend hours plotting out blogging schedules, editing photographs and drafting up potential blog posts only to never have them come into fruition.  I’d sit in front of the computer, staring at that little flashing cursor and… nothing.  It’s like I’d forgotten how to blog.

Blogging is big business nowadays.  There are thousands of people out there tapping away at their keyboards, pouring their thoughts and opinions out into the internet.  It’s very easy to feel lost in the masses, as if you’re struggling to stand out in a crowd, desperately trying to be noticed.

There are so many examples of “successful bloggers”, with glossy blog designs and even glossier photographs.  Bloggers who receive PR packages and are paid by brands to create content that wouldn’t be out of place in Vogue magazine.  They write guides on “How to be a professional blogger”, “How to optimize your SEO” and “How to quadruple your traffic”.  They visit fancy restaurants and cafes in London with absurd floral arrangements, buy skincare products that cost more than my monthly gas bill and are obsessed with all things avocado, rose gold and marble.  (Not necessarily together but I’m sure someone has tried!)

That’s the dream, right?  That’s what we’re all secretly (or not-so secretly) aiming for? And as a blogger from a small-town in the East Midlands, with a tiny following consisting mainly of her Nanna and best friend, there’s no possible way I can compete with that.  And if you can’t produce quality of that standard, then there’s really no point publishing anything, right?

WRONG!!!! I really need to lose the mindset that I need to live up to standards and expectations set by other people in order for my blog to have any value.  I need to stop worrying about what other people who doing and what the latest blogging trends are.  I don’t have the time to spend hours taking and editing the “perfect” photo.  I don’t have the money to buy all of the latest fashion or makeup.  I don’t have the inclination to stick to one niche or style, when there are so many fascinating things out there to right about.  

I AM NOT A BRAND.  I am definitely not an influencer (shudder at the thought) I don’t have to be on message.  I don’t have to have a theme.  I can just be me.

That’s why I started blogging, to sit and spew word vomit all over the screen (lovely image I know), to share all my thoughts and feelings and things I loved with anybody who cared to read about them.  Be that one person, or 1000.

I don’t think I forgot how to be a blogger.  I think I got caught up trying to be someone else’s version of what a blogger should be, instead of just doing it my way. So, that’s my plan going forward. Forget everyone else and focus on being me, writing what I want, when I want, however I want.  And hopefully, 2019 will be a see a renaissance for A Mess In A Dress

I think I’m back!

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