Review: The Village Hotel, Nottingham

As a joint birthday treat over the Summer, Mr M and I decided it might be nice to book a nice meal and a night away in a hotel.  Back in the day when we were a two-income household and we had no children, we’d often take ourselves off to The Village Hotel in Nottingham, so for nostalgic reasons, this was our choice of hotel for the evening.

The price has increased a bit since the last time we booked, (as with everything in life) but I did manage to find a 20% discount offer on their website and so we got the room for around £35.

A couple of days before our stay, I was sent an email inviting me to bid any amount I liked on a possible room upgrade (The usual price of an upgrade to their “Club Rooms” was apparently £20).  Club Rooms were apparently slightly better equipped, have large screen TVs, a Nespresso maker and include entry to the hotel leisure facilities.

I decided to bid £5 each for the upgrade, as this was the cost of using the hotel leisure facilities, which we were definitely interested in.  I quickly received an email confirming my bid had been accepted and our room had been upgraded.

It’s been years since I’ve stayed in one of the standard rooms, so I couldn’t really compare them with the superior room we stayed in.  The decor was nice, very colourful and modern and fresh although I’m not sure I would have described it as luxe.  Most of the features I would have expected as standard.  The giant flat-screen TV was rather impressive though.

Sadly our Nespresso machine didn’t work,  (Google suggested it needed de-scaling).  If it hadn’t been so late we possibly would have rung down to let the staff know.  When we informed them in the morning, they did offer us a complimentary coffee from the onsite Starbucks, which was very kind but didn’t help me when I really wanted a hot drink at 11pm. It kind of made me wish we’d just had a standard kettle!

Once checked in we headed downstairs to make use of the spa and leisure facilities.  The facilities consist of a large pool, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi, all of which we have enjoyed in the past.  The pool area was pretty busy, with lots of young children and families and there was very little chance of getting in the jacuzzi.  There are set adult-only swim times, but neither of us could be bothered to dry off and come back later so we stayed for a short while but then headed back to the room.

The bed was exceedingly comfy, which I suppose is one of the most important features you want in a hotel room. The walls, on the other hand, were paper thin. We could hear every word between the couple next door and they weren’t even being overly loud, which made for a very interesting evening.  Let’s just say, when I booked a romantic night away with my husband, I hadn’t anticipated a live re-enactment of “Pretty Woman” in the room next door!

The breakfast at The Village Hotel is always one of my favourite parts of our stay, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed this time.  I’m sure breakfast used to be included in the cost of the room, but on this occasion it cost us £7.50 extra per person.

Breakfast is served buffet style in the main restaurant.  There is a great selection of hot food, cereal, yoghurt, toast and pastries as well as tea, coffee and a range of juices.

As usual I ate far too much, which on top of the meal from the night before was probably not my best idea.  Mr M had to practically roll me out of the hotel! (But it was totally worth it!)

All in all, I enjoyed our stay at The Village Hotel, but I don’t think we’ll be rushing back.  Unfortunately it falls a little between two stools – it’s not a budget night out, but it also isn’t the height of luxury.  It is a nice, convenient hotel if you happen to be staying the night in the area, but I wouldn’t recommend making a special trip there.

Having said that, we did get a great deal at The Village Hotel for my sister’s hen party next year.  They do make a big deal out of their events packages so I’m looking forward to finally giving one a try and seeing how we get on.  Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until June next year to find out!

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