Mr Mess Blogs ||Food Review: The Victoria, Beeston

Mr Mess here. I’ve been allowed to do a bit of the blog! Normally I have to stay behind the camera and behave myself. This time I get to do some of the writing. I’m nervous! 

I’m reviewing one of my favourite pubs, “The Victoria”. It’s a real ale pub at the bottom of a quiet street in Beeston, Nottingham. I’ve known about the Victoria for years, but I don’t often get out that way. It’s a pub that’s famous for excellent beer, great food and a ban on mobile phones! You read that right. The pub doesn’t have naff music playing, they only have live bands. There are no televisions, just conversation. You can whip your phone out for a text or photo, but you’re asked not to sit chatting on it. Weird? Perhaps. I love it. 

Look at the food. I think the pictures probably say enough, but I’ll try to add some coherent words. There are an impressive number of dishes to choose from, and there’s a mix of traditional pub fare and dishes that strike me as exotic (look, I’ve never been to Greece, so spanakopitas are very exciting to me!). Mrs Mess started with a Greek platter, I opted for prawns. The prawns were tremendous. Sometimes prawns are like watery, chewy mouse babies, but these little crustaceans were packed with flavour. 

For the mains, Mrs M had the spanakopitas. Filo pastry parcels of pure delight (delight is made from feta cheese and spinach). I was on the game pie. That’s who I am. I go to the pub and I eat pie. This is a good pub and it has GOOD pie. What makes a pie good? If you don’t know, I can’t tell you. Go to the Victoria and find out, you poor human. 

That tart is lemon and white chocolate. Mrs Mess actually let me taste it. A tiny bit of it. It tasted like white chocolate, which is unsurprising, but I don’t like white chocolate much, so how can I judge? What am I supposed to say? Mrs Mess ate the lot, so that tells you something. 

What sort of man eats a starter, a main and a cheeseboard? Me. Quality cheeses, gorgeous chutney and delicious bread. Looking at that pic is making me hungry. 

If you’re in Nottingham and you want excellent ale, go to the Victoria. If you want great food, go there. If you want somewhere with friendly staff and a cheerful atmosphere, it’s the right place. Just don’t think you’re going to sit there on your phone. You’ll be too busy eating, anyway. 

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