A Fun-Filled Family Weekend Part 1 – Gullivers Land

I apologise for the fact that my next few posts will all be reviews or write ups of recent days out that I’ve had with my family.  Actually, no. Scrap that.  I make no apologies.  We’ve had a lot of adventures recently and I’ve been too busy to write about them so I’m having a mad catch-up session now.  

Our first adventure was a weekend away with the extended family.  Myself, my two girls, my Mum and Dad, my two sisters, their partners and my delicious little baby nephew Alfie all packed up and went on a road trip at the start of the Summer Holidays.

The first destination on our whirlwind weekend was Gullivers Land, a family theme park in Milton Keynes.  Gullivers Land is linked to Gullivers Kingdom, which is actually just down the road from where we live but I haven’t been in years.  I was very interested to see how Gullivers Land compared.

From what I’d seen online, Gullivers Land didn’t seem to be that big and I thought we’d be wrapped up in a couple of hours.  I was actually surprised at how much we found to do.  We arrived at park as it opened at 11am and left just after 4pm and still didn’t quite manage to get around everything.

There was a great assortment of rides of all shapes and sizes for the girls (and the grown-ups to enjoy).  It’s definitely not a park for thrill seekers, but for children aged between 4 and 11 (maybe older) I’d say it’s pretty perfect.

Freya is turning into something of an adrenaline junkie and enjoyed all of the slightly bigger rides like The Python rollercoaster and the Jungle Falls water slide (which I couldn’t bear to watch!)

Meanwhile, Poppy loved the fact that she was big enough to go one most of the rides, even if she wasn’t quite so brave once we were on them! Although the park seemed quite busy, we hardly had to queue for anything which was definitely a positive.

To save time and money, we took a homemade picnic instead of buying any food, but I did spot a variety of food suppliers dotted around the park.

Gulliver’s Land is a great destination for a family day out, especially for families with younger children.  It was really nice to not be focussed on grown-up rides, but to instead enjoy having a laugh with the kids. At the end of the day we had to drag the kids kicking and screaming out of the park.  If they could have stayed there all night I think they would have.

The entry price made it an affordable option for a day out and I’d definitely be interested in trying one of the other parks in the franchise to see if they’re just as good.

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