Life Through a Lens || August 2018

August was a bit of a blinding month.  It formed the bulk of my summer holiday from work, and although it was over far too quickly (as holidays often are) we did have a lot of fun!

Due to time and budget constraints, we weren’t able to book an actual “going-away” holiday, but we did manage to pack our days off with lots of fabulous days out and fun-filled family adventures.

Most of the events featured in this post are due to have their own full post, but for now, here’s a quick sneak peek of what the A Mess In A Dress family got up to in August

A Fantastic Family Weekend Away

Right at the beginning of August, we kicked off the Summer Holidays with a family adventure of epic proportions.  Myself, the girls, my mum and dad, my sisters, their partners and my gorgeous baby nephew Alfie all packed up and headed down south for a weekend of fun-filled activities. (We left Mr Mess at home to look after the cats! – awww)

In one weekend we managed to cram in a trip to Gulliver’s Land, bowling, arcade games, two restaurant trips and a visit to the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

The girls enjoyed themselves immensely, they loved the novelty of staying in a hotel and loved spending some quality time with their family.  

Norfolk and Back Again – In One Day!

Although we didn’t have an official holiday booked, we couldn’t completely resist the call of the seaside.  Mr M and I came up with the insane idea to take a trip to Norfolk, pay a visit to our favourite attractions and return home IN THE SAME DAY!

The day was not without some hiccups (I’ll explain more in the full post) but overall it was a raging success.  We enjoyed the rides and farmyard at Wroxham Barns, paddled on Happisburgh beach and stopped for food at entertainment at The Lighthouse Inn, Walcott.  Just perfect!

Escape Room

After swearing you would never, EVER get me inside an Escape Room, I somehow ended up suggesting one as a birthday present for my Dad.  We went to the Escape Games UK “Diamond Caper” room, based at Twinlakes in Melton Mowbray.

I really wasn’t expecting to enjoy it, but we all had a lot of fun and only a few arguments!  Oh, and we escaped!! Full review coming soon…

A Joint Birthday Present

As a single income family, Mr M and I don’t always have a lot of spare cash.  We do, however, have more than enough stuff so this year we decided to forgo extravagant birthday gifts and instead treated ourself to a night in a hotel and a nice meal for two.

Our original choice of restaurant was closed on Sundays so instead we decided to revisit and old favourite – The Victoria Hotel in Beeston.  Afterwards we enjoyed a relaxed, peaceful, child-free night at The Village Hotel, Nottingham.

When Freya met Carrie (Take Two!)

Like mother, like daughter, Miss Mess is a huge Carrie Hope Fletcher fan and now she’s met her now once, but twice! (I’ll admit, I’m more than a little jealous!)

This photo was taken at a recent book signing for Carrie’s latest book, “When the Curtain Falls”. It’s a romance/ghost story that sounds right up my street and Miss Mess and I have started reading it together.

Mother/Daughter Vintage Photoshoot

It sounds so cliched but I am starting to realise that the most precious gift I can give my children is my time and attention.  I’ve recently spent a lot of quality time with this beautiful little lady.

On this particular day, we visited Firefly Photography Studio in Derby to try out their “Peggy Sue” vintage mother and daughter photoshoots.

We were spoiled rotten by the friendly staff, given a fantastic vintage makeover and had lots of fun posing for the camera.  I can’t wait until we get the finished photos to put up in our home.

August really was the best month and just what we needed before we leap right back into hectic September.  Now I just need to get caught up on writing the full reviews for the activities featured in this post! Wish me luck!

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