Life Through A Lens || March/April 2018

In today’s other alarming news, it is now the first week in May and we are therefore almost halfway through 2018. Is this an age thing, where as you get older you suddenly have the sensation that life is hurtling past you and you’re desperately clinging on for dear life?

Time is passing so quickly that it wasn’t until I sat down to write my April Life Through a Lens that I realised I’d never actually written the March one. I didn’t really write much at all in March or April, so I’m going to do a VERY quick roundup now and hopefully bring you up to speed.

March 2018

Fun at the (Wedding) Fayre


If you enjoy being dressed up as a Princess then I can highly recommend getting a sister who is both a hairdresser AND runs a wedding dress shop. Whenever she’s looking for a model for one of her Wedding Fayres, I’m always right there at the front of the line.

Into The Woods with FairyLoot


Continuing the “dressing up” theme, my first ever FairyLoot subscription box provided the perfect excuse to don a red cloak and run around the woods. I may have drawn a few funny looks from innocent bystanders, but I was living my best life. For more photos and a review of the Fairyloot box, check out this post.

Studio Chocolate with BumbleBFF


I will leap at any opportunity to visit Studio Chocolate in Nottingham so I was very happy to get an invite the my first ever BumbleBFF event. It was without a doubt the messiest event I’ve ever been to, but I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with some of my favourite Notts bloggers and getting to make delicious treats at the same time.

Ninja Penguins of Madagascar


I always enjoy watching the girls in their theatre productions but Madagascar will definitely go down in history as one of my favourites. Miss Mess actually had a few lines to read and Mini Mess threw herself into the role of Ninja Penguin!

#Chatsworth Renewed


It’s always a great day when Chatsworth House reopens after the winter break with their new exhibition. This year’s display showcases the amazing renovations that have taken place on the estate over the past 10 years. The end result is stunning and I’ll be writing a full post on the blog soon.

April 2018

A Hopping Good Easter Holiday


We take Easter very seriously in our house – 2nd only to Christmas. We decorated the house, did an Easter Egg Hunt and ate A LOT of yummy food.


Getting Quizzy With It


There are few things I love more than a good quiz and the Carlton Operatic Society quiz night was a perfect example. It was great to get to know some of my new cast mates better, and I even won one of the rounds. NY prize was a hip flask. You’re welcome, Mr Mess.

Dancing Through Life


Proud mummy alert! The girls’ bi-annual dance show is definitely one of my favourite nights of the year. This year was Mini Mess’ debut performance and I was amazed at how good she was. Miss Mess has come on leaps and bounds since her last show and I love seeing what a beautiful dancer she’s becoming.

A Day Out at Bluebells Farm


Every holiday, my best friend and I say we’re going to arrange a day out together with the children and over Easter we actually managed it. We took our collective girls to Bluebell Farm in Derby. We had a great time hunting for Easter treats, bouncing on a giant bouncy pillow and feeding the animals. We even picked up some of their famous ice cream to take home (Mini Mess insisted on buying the Unicorn Poop flavour)

#Viking Arty Party


Just before we said goodbye to April I managed to squeeze in a blogging event thanks to Viking and their Arty Party. I had an amazing time learning lettering, origami and papercutting and got to meet some lovely new bloggers. A full blog post about the event will be up soon.

And there you have it. One very quick life update.

I’m not entirely how much I’ll get done in May, as its going to be mostly taken up with Top hat rehearsals but check back in a few weeks time to see for yourself.

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