Fashion || A Snowdrop Walk feat. Lindy Bop

Am I the only one who has really had enough of this endless winter?  It feels like I’ve been cold forever and the constant drizzly, dreary weather is doing nothing for my mood.

February does have one thing going for it though.  One silver lining among all of the dark, dark clouds. It’s snowdrop season!  Mr Mess and I took advantage of basically the only glimpse of sunshine we’ve had for a month and headed out to Hopton Hall in Derbyshire for a walk around their annual snowdrop display.

20180228_193956We always try and make an effort to visit Hopton Hall at least twice a year.  It is spectacular in the Summer, with all of the flowers in bloom, but it’s the snowdrops that keep calling us back.


Never one to waste an opportunity, I decided to get dressed up and make a bit of an effort and combine a beautiful day out with a blog fashion photoshoot.  I’ve had this outfit in the wardrobe for ages but have never found the right time and place to showcase it.  Until now, anyway.

20180214_195600On this particular day I was dressed in top-to-toe Lindy Bop, which is still one of my favourite place to find flattering, feminine clothing at affordable prices (especially in their sales which I cannot recommend enough.)20180214_194742The dress I’m wearing is the “Marianne” Navy swing dress and jacket twin set.  It’s currently listed as £60 on the Lindy Bop website, but I am certain I didn’t pay that much so I must have bought it in the sale (or the price has increased).  I love this dress so much and wear it all the time as it’s so incredibly versatile.  I can wear it with the jacket, with a different cardigan or jacket, or just as a dress on itself if the weather is nice enough.  It’s a little gem!

20180214_195415The shoes are absolutely incredible.  I don’t think I’ve ever owned a pair of shoes quite so fancy and unique before.  I’ve already had SO MANY compliments on them and they’re a great conversation starter.20180214_195022These are the “Brogan” Star print Brogue shoes and they are so cute.  They’re also surprisingly comfortable.  The combination of the silver sections and the star pattern are really eye catching.  I don’t think these are the kind of shoes I can wear with every outfit, but they’re certainly great when I want to make a statement.The walk around the grounds of Hopton Hall was absolutely glorious.  The weather was beautifully sunny (although still bitterly cold)  The scenary and surroundings were even more beautiful than I remembered and I’m already planning our next visit there in the summer – I just might need a new dress for the occasion!




20180214_194924The snowdrop walk is open until 4th March (that’s this Sunday, people!) and it is well worth a visit if you’re in the area.  (Although granted you might not be able to see many snowdrops because of the actual snow!)  Full details can be found on the Hopton Hall website.20180214_195107

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