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As you age, having a birthday is guaranteed to do one thing… Make you think about all the things that you haven’t done with your life yet.

Upon turning 32, and no doubt creeping/hurtling toward my midlife crisis, I thought I would take this opportunity to write down my bucket list of things I’d like to do before I, well, kick the bucket!  I am well aware that some of these are pure fantasy, and most will probably never happen, but I’m making a note of them now just in case the opportunity ever pops up.

Cruise along the Norwegian Fjords

I’ve only been on one cruise in my life but I loved it.  Mr M has never been convinced that they’re his cup of tea.  I’m hoping that the lure of the stunning Norwegian scenery and fascinating Norse history may be enough to persuade him to set sail with me.  Although we probably won’t even consider booking a cruise until the girls are much older, it is definitely something I hope to do in the future.  While we’re in that neck of the woods, I’ll hopefully have the opportunity to tick off Bucket List Item #2:

See the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are one of those natural occurances that I can’t really believe are real.  I know if ever I saw them in real life I would be completely in awe.  I also know that you can’t guarantee you will see them, but hopefully, one day, I’ll get to try.

Take my children to Disneyland

Or Disney World. Or Disneyland Paris. I honestly don’t care where we go as long as it’s under the management of Mickey Mouse and pals.  I am an absolutely HUGE Disney fan and have been my whole life, something I have passed on to both children.  The day I finally get to see their faces as they see THAT castle for the first time will be a day like no other.

Learn to ride a motorbike

This is the item on the list that I am least likely to actually ever do, as I do think motorbikes are actually really dangerous and I don’t have a deathwish.  Still, there has always been something very attractive about zooming around in bike leather, then dismounting and removing my helmet, revealing my long flowing locks of hair.  You know, you’ve seen the movies.  It’s a nice image – I’m not sure it will ever be a reality.

Own a red convertible

This mode of transport is a (hopefully) much more likely goal than the previous one.  Ever since before I could drive I’ve had dreams of owning a really cute, sporty red convertible.  My sister beat me to it (damn her) and I’ll probably have to wait until the kids are bigger and we don’t need a “family” car, but I’m determined one day that car will be mine.

Perform at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham

For context, I started writing this post back in July and it has sat in my drafts ever since.  The Theatre Royal in Nottingham has always and will always be MY theatre.  I’ve been watching shows there since before I can remember and I’ve loved introducing my children to one of my favourite places in the world.  It’s a place where reality fades away and fantasy reigns.  I’m transported to new and wonderful worlds and I leave all my worries at the door.

I have been lucky to see some amazing shows in this theatre and every single time there is a little voice in my head saying “I wish that were me.” When I started this post, all those months ago, I didn’t really believe that was likely to happen.  Now, however, I know differently.  Next May I will get to fulfil a live-long ambition to perform on the Theatre Royal stage and I still have to pinch myself to check I’m not dreaming. And by this time next year, I will actually have crossed one thing off my bucket list.

That’s not a bad start, is it?



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