A Letter to Mini Mess on her 4th Birthday

Dear Mini Mess,

It’s 10:27pm so this post is just going to fall on your birthday.  Just.  Everyone else is in bed but I really didn’t want to go to sleep until I’d written this down.

Before writing this post, I had a quick read through my letter to you from last year.  I had expected to read it and realise how much you’d changed.  How much you’d grown.  To be honest, it had the completely opposite result.  I realised that while in some ways (height, speech development) you’ve changed so much, but in others you are exactly the same little person.  It’s clear that the building blocks of your character were already beginning to appear last year and they’re only getting more solid as you get older.

You still absolutely love animals, whether it’s one of our four cats, farm animals, pony rides or even Harry, your imaginary pet snake.  I’m not sure what I, a woman with a severe snake phobia did to deserve a child with a reptile for an imaginary friend, but there you are.  You are still animal crazy and I can only assume a career in veterinary medicine or farming is in your future.

You still love to sing and dance, and you’re getting better at both every day.  In July you performed in your first ever show, Disney’s Aladdin Jr and were so adorable – even if you didn’t completely stay in line.  You’ve also just started tap and ballet lessons and seem to have already been bitten by the dance bug. You see, I knew there was a bit of me in there somewhere!

You still have a love/hate relationship with your big sister, where one minute you’re desperate for each other’s company and the next you can’t stand the sight of each other.  I have no doubt I’m going to be playing referee for a few years yet.  When you’re getting on it’s the most beautiful sight in the world and the rest of the time…well, I just try to get out of the blast radius and leave you to your father.

You still come out with some of the funniest things.  Only today, at your birthday tea, your Uncle was trying to wind you up and you told him to “Rest your bones”.  I have no idea where you get this stuff, but it’s priceless and I really should write it all down for future publication.

You still sneak downstairs in the dead of night and creep into our bed for late night huggles.  Sometimes you’re so stealthy that I don’t even notice until I wake up in the morning and there you are!  I don’t mind one bit.  I know I’ll miss it when you’ve grown up.

At four years old, you already seem to have such a strong sense of who you are and where you fit in the world.  You refuse to fit into a niche.  Just when I think I’ve got you pegged as a tomboy, who wants to wear armour and swing a sword, you surprise me by asking to put on a pretty dress and borrow mummy’s “blush”.  Maybe that will be your unique selling point.  You’re always going to keep me on my toes.

If asked, I often say that your big sister is exactly what I would have ordered in a little girl.  She’s girly, loves dressing up and putting on shows, talks far too much etc.  But you, you’re everything I never knew I needed.  You’re a breath of fresh air and there isn’t a single day when I don’t thank my lucky stars that I’m your mummy.

I hope you had a lovely day for your birthday.  You certainly seemed pleased with all the lovely presents and I’m looking forward to our shopping day when you can spend your birthday money.  You’ve also got your party to look forward to in a week or so.  I’d really better get some planning done.

Happy birthday, little Bug.  I love you THIS much!

Love always,


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