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For a while now, Miss Mess has been badgering me to have her own blog or Youtube channel.  She sees other kids doing it, she seems me doing it and she wants in on the action.  I was always a bit wary and could never figure out how to set it up without causing myself even more work and exposing her to the scary world that is the internet.

At a recent event, another blogger suggested I give her a little section on my blog where she could dip her toe into the water.  I thought this was a great idea and here it is: Miss Mess Blogs.

Her blog posts will be her own words, from her own funny little mind.   I’ve decided not to be controlling and re-write everything.  I’m just going to help out with editing and spell-checking etc.

So, with no further pre-amble, let me introduce you to Miss Mess!

Hi I’m Miss Mess, aka Freya.

I really wanted a blog so my Mum made me my own drop-down section on her blog. Thanks Mum!  I’m 7 years old and I love pugs.

My hobbies include…

Reading, playing on my iPad and playing LEGO Star Wars with my Granddad.

My favourite lesson in school is…

Hmmm, this is a hard decision. I really like Science  and love Geography.

My favourite book is….

Hmmm, even harder  but I love Gangster Granny and Demon Dentist by David Walliams.

My favourite movie/TV shows are…

My favourite film is “Dude where’s my Donkey”and my favourite TV show is Elena of Avalor.

My favourite Youtubers are…

SSG (seven super girls) especially Katherine and Rachel.

Thank you for reading my first ever blog post.  I’ll be back with another post very soon!



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