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August, please, come back! I take it all back.  I didn’t mean it when I said I’m really more of an Autumn person and I’m not that in to Summer.  I’m not ready. Please, come back!

Joking aside, August has been brilliant if over far too quickly.  I’ve been off work for most of it, which is always a blessing, Mr Mess celebrated his birthday (I won’t tell you which one!) and of course, we finally got to go on our long-awaited holiday to the Lake District.


Right towards the beginning of the month, I went to watch The Pantaloon’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream with Mr Mess, and for the first time, Miss Mess as well.  The show was amazing (as expected) and I feel really bad that I haven’t written up my review yet.  I had planned to write it up on holiday but I forgot to take my notes with me so couldn’t.  It’s on its way – I’ve just got some catching up to do.

I can probably count on one hand the number of “nights out” I’ve had in 2017 and then somehow I managed to cram two into the space of a few weeks.  On 30th August a couple of friends from work took me out for a post birthday dinner with cocktails.   I’ve decided I’m clearly getting old as I was home by 9.30pm and felt incredibly sick after eating too many waffles.  We still had a great night though, even if it might be my last one for a while.

Two days before we went on holiday, I suddenly remembered that the deadline for Poppy’s CBeebies card was looming.  Cue a frantic rush to collect craft supplies, cut out character pictures and get the card in the post.  It wasn’t my finest work and I don’t know if it will make it on to the TV but at least I can say I tried.

I’m not going to talk too much about the holiday here as I have at least 7 posts planned and you’re probably going to be sick of hearing about it by the end.  Safe to say, it took up a good chunk of the end of August and it was definitely one of our favourite highlights.


Stats for August were a little bit lower than in recent months, but that’s probably to be expected when I took time off for the holiday and have done barely any promotion on Twitter/Instagram etc.  Hopefully they’ll pick up again when I get business back to normal.

Bizarrely, one of my three popular posts in August was actually published back in April 2016!  I’m not entirely sure what inspired the sudden rush of interest but it is nice to know old material can still get a little love from time to time.

So, my top 3 most popular posts in August were:

The Flying Childers, Chatsworth – Afternoon Tea Review

Summer Holiday Fun for family at Intu Derby

Bloggers’ Event at the new Beauty Temple Salon, Mapperley


Sadly, the start of September heralds one unavoidable truth.  I have to go back to work – Urgh! Still, there are set to be some big changes at my work place so I suppose it’s not all bad.  Plus, I have plenty of things to look forward to.

Our weekends are pretty much jam-packed for the next few weeks. We’ve got a couple of birthday parties, a special surprise for me and Miss Mess (you’ll find out more about that later) and of course the dreaded half marathon right towards the end of the month.

I am really excited about where the blog is headed over the next few months.  I need a real boost in inspiration and motivation and so I’ve decided to give it a blast of fresh air.  I usually focus on days out, theatre trips with occasional fashion and beauty.  All of these things will still be there but I’m also going to introduce other interest such as books and parenting posts.

Most exciting of all, I’m going to have some very special contributors to my blog.  My family are so supportive and encouraging of my blog.  Both girls and Mr Mess have been so patient over the holiday while I wrote blog posts, stopped to film sections for the vlogs or insisted they couldn’t eat the delicious afternoon tea until I’d taken the perfect photo.

I’ve decided that it only seems right that they are allowed to take a much more active role in the blog.  Starting in September, there will be two new sections on the blog: Mr Mess Blogs and Miss Mess Blogs, which will feature posts about, well, whatever they want to write about.  Miss Mess in particular is ridiculously excited as she thinks this is the beginning of her getting a place on Seven Super Girls (her fave Youtube Channel).  Let’s hope she isn’t too disappointed?

Obviously, Mini Mess is a bit young to be writing her own posts yet, but I’m sure her time will come.

September may also be the launch of the Mess In A Dress Youtube Channel, if my holiday vlogs aren’t met with abject horror.  So, Autumn is really shaping up to be an amazing time for the blog and I can’t wait to see the results!



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