Makeup Masterclass @ CaBella Boutique, Nottingham

I’ve seen a number of fellow East-Midlands bloggers talking about the new CaBella boutique and I’ve followed them on Instagram for a while now, but I’ve never actually been to visit the boutique for myself. Luckily for me, Sarah from Entirely Sarah asked if I could tag along to a recent blogging event at CaBella and thankfully they said yes, so I could finally have a look for myself.

CaBella Makeup Masterclass Nottingham

The boutique itself is hidden away down a little alley in Nottingham, and to be honest I probably would never have found it if Sarah hadn’t already known the way.  There was a big sign at the end of the alley though, so once you’re there it’s decently signpost.ed.  Unfortunately, due to a traffic accident near where we live, Sarah and I were a bit late. I felt really guilty as I was driving and we missed the beginning of the first masterclass, but luckily there was still plenty to see.

The studio itself is my kind of heaven.  It’s decorated in pink with glitz and glamour and seems like the perfect place to have some serious pampering.  There are photos and quotes on the walls for inspiration and the shelves are filled with exciting new products.  It’s like Aladdin’s cave for make-up lovers.

CaBella Makeup Masterclass Nottingham

The demonstration itself featured two looks, one that was more everyday (I shy away from the word “natural”) and one that was glammed up for a night out or special occasion.  I found the whole thing really interesting and informative.  I picked up quite a few tips that I didn’t know or hadn’t thought of before (although I could probably write a book about the things I don’t know about makeup).

I also kept my head down at certain points in the masterclass as I’m sure I’m guilty of a lot of the “Don’ts” they mentioned. The less said about that, the better.

The CaBella girls really do make it all seem very easy.  I’ll be very interested to try out a few of their techniques to see if they work as well for a complete amateur like me.  I’m not entirely hopeful because I seriously have no skill where makeup is concerned but I’ll be sure to show you the proof if I can pull it off.

CaBella Makeup Masterclass Nottingham

One of the main products we were focussing on for the evening were the new pigments.  They came in a huge variety of shades and some of them had some serious sparkle.  I think my favourite shade overall was Crystal, which was a very intense silver that could be used as on the eyes or as a highlighter.

CaBella Makeup Masterclass Nottingham

CaBella Makeup Masterclass Nottingham

After the masterclass had finished, we were given the opportunity to have a look around the store and some of the blogging girls bought a few items (mainly the sparkly pigments – they were like a bunch of magpies!)  Unfortunately I’m currently saving for our family holiday so I couldn’t buy anything but maybe I’ll be able to order something online once I get back.

We were also given a goody bag which had lots of lovely samples including one of the pigments.  I got a beautiful, vibrant pink colour called Groove.  I’ll be sure to show you some pictures when I figure out what exactly I want to do with it.

CaBella Makeup Masterclass Nottingham

Thank you to all of the lovely ladies at CaBella for letting me gate-crash the event last minute, and for hosting such a fabulous evening.  I’m planning on booking a makeover or make-up class before Christmas to give me some more handy hints.

If you wanted more information about the makeover packages or make-up courses that CaBella offer, you can check out their website.  You will also find a selection of their products to buy online.

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