Summer Holiday fun for the family at Intu Derby.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that blogging events are one of the brilliant perks that make all the time I spend on this “hobby” worth it.  It’s especially nice when I’m able to take my family along.  I feel like it makes up for the fact that I spend so long at home writing blog posts, taking photos and updating social media. So when Gemma from Intu Derby invited the whole family along to a Summer Holiday event I was thrilled to be able to pay my family back for all of their support.

I haven’t been to Intu Derby for ages and then suddenly I’ve been twice in a week, but that’s how it happens sometimes!  I’d forgotten just how great a venue it is.  You can find pretty much everything yo could need under one roof, from food to shopping to spa treatments, to entertainment and leisure activities.

In order to get to Derby for 9am, we had to wake up quite early but the girls didn’t mind as they were going on an adventure. We all dressed in our best “blogger” outfits, checking they met with Miss Mess’ approval of course (she does consider herself to be quite the fashion expert.)

The drive to Derby was relatively painless, if you ignore getting caught in a gridlock 10yards from the car park entrance.  Eventually we made it into the car park, found a space and made our way to the Intu Derby shopping centre.Our first destination of the day was Bobble Art, where we had been invited to attend a bloggers event. Luckily I had scoped out the place over the weekend so I knew exactly where it was and so we arrived without any bother.  We were greeted by the staff (as usual I didn’t get any names – sorry!) and invited to have a look around before the event started.  Bobble Art is such an amazing shop and it was such a brilliant event that I am going to write a separate, more detailed post all about our time there so I won’t say too much here.  All I will say is that we had lots of fun crafting, chatting, playing and shopping and I will definitely be going back.After the event we were advised to go to the Customers Services desk, where the girls were each given a Playmobile toy and we were given a voucher for free parking. We also signed the girls up for the Intu Derby kids clubs which gives them discounts in various stores as well as a little goody bag.

Next we’d very kindly been offered a complimentary game of adventure golf at Paradise Island adventure golf which is located in the leisure complex on the third floor. I haven’t taken Miss Mess to adventure golf in years and I don’t think Mini Mess has ever been so I thought this would be a lovely opportunity for us all.At Paradise Island there are two 18-hole courses to choose from, Shark Bay and Mermaid Rock. We decided to go for Mermaid Rock and each picked up our clubs and golf balls, as well as a score card.  I have to admit we didn’t really take the game all that seriously.  Mini Mess just ran around chucking the ball in the hole, Miss Mess refused to take any advice on how to accurately hold a golf club and neither myself or Mr Mess could really concentrate on our own game when trying to stop the kids running amok every time our backs were turned.We did all really enjoy the experience though, and I’m sure we’ll all go back again (albeit when the kids are a little bit older and have longer attention spans!).  The lady on duty very kindly offered us a chance to go around the second course but the kids were getting a bit hungry and restless so we decided to pass.We had planned to eat at Carluccio’s, where they had an amazing offer of Kids eat for £1.  On second thoughts though, we decided this was probably more of a treat for the parents than the kids and so instead opted to head over the the food court.

I have to say I was really impressed with the variety of food stalls in the food court.  There were all of the expected fast-food places such as Burger King and KFC but also some I wasn’t expecting, such as Fish & Chips, Chinese and Japanese food.  There really was something for everyone.  Me and the girls kept it simple with a Burger King, while Mr Mess popped off to pick up a subway.

We all had such a lovely day at Intu Derby and took home some lovely goodies from Bobble Art, which I will be sharing with you in a future post.  I’m pretty sure that we’ll be going back for Mini Mess’ grand day out, and Miss Mess is already pestering me for return visit so I’m pretty sure it was a hit for the whole family.

Thank you so much to Gemma from Intu Derby and to all the staff from Bobble Art, Paradise Island and the Intu Derby staff for making us so welcome and treating us all to such a special day.  It certainly gave us some fabulous memories that we will treasure for a long time.

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