#Derbybloggersbrunch meet-up at Seven, Derby

What is the collective noun for a group of bloggers?  An avocado of bloggers?  A pod of bloggers? a drama of bloggers?  What about a brunch of bloggers?

It was definitely a brunch of bloggers yesterday, when a group of us East Midlands bloggers converged on Seven in Derby for a meet-up, a catch up and some delicious food.

Seven restaurant derby brunch

I’d never been to ( or even heard of) Seven before and it is a little out of the way on the Pride Park business park.  Luckily I had my trusty sat-nat, plus Sarah and Ellie in the car so we did get there eventually (even if we were half an hour late – sorry ladies!)

Seven restaurant derby brunch

If I’m being honest, the restaurant really didn’t look like much from the outside, but inside it was absolutely stunning.  I loved the sophisticated and elegant decor with it’s light and airy decor and LOTS of greenery.

Seven restaurant derby brunch

With a stylish bar area, as well as a generously sized dining are there was plenty of seating to be had and you didn’t feel cramped.   To say the restaurant is a little off the beaten track, there were quite a few people sat in the dining area, so I can only assume this is a popular place, whether to meet friends for a drink or bite to eat.

Seven restaurant derby brunchAll of the other blogging gals had already arrived before we got there. Oh well, I do like to make an entrance!  There were a few familiar faces and a few people I’d never met before.  Sadly, due to the layout of the table I didn’t get to say more than a quick hello to some people, so I’ll definitely have to try harder to mingle next time.

Seven restaurant derby brunch

Shall we talk about the important stuff?  The food?  We’d pre-ordered our food a few weeks in advance which is actually really hard to do.  How on earth am I supposed to know what I’m going to want to eat, in the future??  I decided to go for a safe option and choose american style pancakes with sausages, served with maple syrup and a berry compote.

Seven restaurant derby brunch

When the waitress handed me my brunch, she assured me that it would taste even better than it looked.  I can certainly confirm this to be the case.  The pancakes were the perfect consistency, the sausages were delicious and the maple syrup and compote were the perfect accompaniments.  I’m pretty sure I inhaled the whole plate load and even though it didn’t appear to be the largest serving ever, I was happily full by the end and couldn’t have eaten another bite.

If I had any one criticism of the day (if you could really call it that) it was that I never actually saw a drinks menu.  I ended up ordering a latte, as it was a safe choice but it would have been nice to see what else was on offer and also how much it costs.  I’m not a big fan of surprise on the bill! (Yes, I know I could have asked and probably should have done, but it just feel like one of the things that you shouldn’t have to do, you know?)

Seven restaurant derby brunch

Once our meals were finished we had a lengthy catch-up and chat about everything from theatre trips to  blogging to baby names. Usually at blogging events you are so busy trying to make sure you get all the photos and notes for your blog post that would don’t actually get a lot of time to socialise.  It was lovely to just be able to spend some time chatting and getting to know the other bloggers better.

At the end of the event we all said goodbyes and left with our cute goody bags in hand, filled with the most amazing cookies from Angel’s Sinfully Delicious Cookie Co.  Many, many thanks go to Monet from Munching with Monet for organising the event.  I’m really sorry I didn’t get to say much more than “hello” but it was a lovely event and I hope to see everyone again soon.

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