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So, this weekend marked my 32nd birthday…

32.  Let’s just let that sink in for a moment.  No longer can I pretend I’m clinging onto my twenties. They are dust. I’m officially creeping towards middle age.  Being a blogger makes it so harder to come to terms with as it feels like I’m surrounded by twenty-somethings. They’re looking forward to starting careers, settling down, having kids.  I’m just sat here with a definite sense of been there, done that, got the t-shirt. I really need to find some new things to look forward to, new challenges and experiences (that don’t include the word “grandchildren” – shudder!)  Anything to help shake this feeling that I’m stagnating. Suggestions on a postcode please.

My birthday started out rather quiet. Mr Mess was out on Friday night so I woke up to Mini Mess (who had crept into my bed during the night) leaning over me at 7am saying “It’s your birthday, Mummy”, which was incredibly  sweet but we do need to have a discussion about birthday lie-ins.

Eventualy, after cheekily passing her the iPad and having a few more minutes kip, I got up, made breakfast for everyone and then enjoyed watching the kids open my presents. Mini Mess was not particularly impressed by the bottle of “juice” but loved the unicorn mug.

Mr Mess arrived home shortly, bearing all the supplies for a sumptuous afternoon tea at home.  While I showered and prepared for the day ahead, Mr Mess slaved tirelessly in the kitchen to prepare our afternoon tea as well as making a homemade blackberry puff.

Our afternoon teas are a definite family favourite, and Mr Mess is getting to be something of an expert when it comes to preparing them, even if Mini Mess does lick one of everything and then announce she’s full.  We had a selection of finger sandwiches, fruit and cherry scones, a variety of mini cakes and even cream cakes! Yummy!  All washed down with mummy’s favourite, Earl Grey tea.

I spent the afternoon pampering with face masks and other products before being dropped off at my sister’s salon to get read for our big night out.  While I was there I painted my nails and had my hair and makeup done, while we kicked off the birthday celebrations with pizza and prosecco!

Once we were all glammed up, we headed into Nottingham for a cocktail crawl.  We started off in Pepper Rocks, which offered incredible value with £4.50 cocktails.  Our next stop was Be At One, but happy hour had passed so the drinks were much more expensive and it was pretty cramped due to Nottingham Pride.

After hearing so much hype, we decided to check out Boilermaker in Hockley.  I had been a little cynical about the gimmicky nature of the bar, acting like an old-style speak easy, but I have to admit I was completely converted. It was an interesting idea which was well executed.  I loved all of the added touches such as the menu styled as a boiler manual, including snacks to keep yourself refuelled and free water on tables.  I was very impressed with how the bar encouraged you to look after yourself. (Even if I didn’t follow their advice very well!)

Our final stop was the Hockley Arts Club, where we did have to queue for a short time before we could get in.  This venue was actually the inspiration behind the whole night out, as my sister had seen photos of their Japanese Blossom room advertised on Facebook.  What we hadn’t realised was that this is a separate room available for private hire/events and we weren’t actually going to be able to go in it.  While the signature cocktails were impressive, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit gutted not to get pretty flower pictures. There wasn’t much space to sit and enjoy ourselves, and the cocktails were on the pricier side, so I’m not sure I’d bother to queue again.

Sunday morning saw another special birthday treat – my first proper hangover in 32 years.  I have to say, I’m not really sure what all the hype is about. I wasted most of Sunday in bed and certainly don’t feel in any rush to repeat the incident.  I will definitely be drinking more water and choosing drinks more wisely the next time I go out (I’m pretty sure it was either the gingerbread syrup or Cointreu that did it – my stomach rolls even now when I think about them.)

Thankfully, I am now recovered, just in time to go back to work, another year older and not a fraction wiser it would seem.

A big thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate my birthday, with cards, gifts or celebrations.  Let’s see what the next year has to bring, shall we?






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