Food & Drink Review: MOD Pizza, Nottingham

Ok, so the last food place I reviewed shut down about two days after the post went live, so I’m really hoping that there’s no correlation between the two events.  With that in mind, let’s get onto the subject at hand, a review of MOD Pizza in Nottingham

I do like it when a review kind of springs itself on me.  I’d never been to MOD pizza, or even heard of it until a few weeks ago.  A few of us bloggers were looking for a bite to eat before the Lush blogging event, our usual haunt (Five Guys) was closed due to excessive rain and so we decided to try MOD Pizza instead.  The sign promised artisan pizzas in super-fast time, which was just what we needed.

MOD Pizza review Nottingham

I really liked the aesthetic of the restaurant.  It was stylish without being fussy.  There was a long counter were you ordered food and drinks – we joked that it looked like Starbucks for pizza.  Turns out we weren’t far off.

MOD Pizza Review Nottingham

On the wall is a menu with MOD’s main set pizzas.  You pick the one you like the look of and can then add or takeaway toppings to your hearts content.  No matter what you have on the pizza, the price always stays the same.  I went for the Jasper – ham, mushroom and mozzarella – and left it exactly as it came.

They write your name on a baking sheet along with your topping selections and then you carry on down the counter to pick up your drinks.  As well as pizza you could go for a salad, and there were some side orders available but I kept it simple.

There was a great variety of drinks to choose from, and as so many places seem to offer there were refillable soft drinks from the drinks station.  Something that I haven’t seen anywhere else was the selection of homemade lemonades and ice-teas, also refillable, in case you wanted something a little different.

MOD Pizza Review Nottingham

I thought I’d be fancy and choose the home-brewed ice-tea but I made the fatal error of not reading the small print – it was unsweetened!  I suppose for the health fanatics among us this may be ok, but for the sugar-inclined like me, this was not particularly pleasant. Rather than admitting my mistake I forced it down, but I don’t think it’s an experience I’ll be repeating.  Next time I’ll stick to the homemade lemonade.

MOD Pizza Review Nottingham

In no time at all my name was called and I made my way to the counter to collect my pizza.  And what a pizza it was!

This is no factory made, run of the mill pizza.  The size was incredibly generous for the price (just £7.95), the toppings tasted fresh and full of flavour, it was beautifully baked – this was probably one of the nicest pizzas I’ve ever had.  All of the other girls agreed as they tucked into their choices.

MOD Pizza review Nottingham

I was absolutely blown away by the value for money at MOD pizza, especially considering how expensive some of the more popular pizza chains are (You know who I’m talking about.)  I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a quick bite to eat, at a very reasonable price.  I’m so glad we decided to pop in on the spur of the moment and will certainly be going back again soon.


  1. Jessie says:

    I’ve wanted to try this place for a while but haven’t quite been brave enough… think I’ll give it a go next time I’m in town!!


  2. Debra-Bow says:

    Wow, how affordable is this place?! And COOL! i love the interior so much! I don’t visit nottingham very often, I’ll admit – but I’m hoping next time I do I can check out this place as my boyfriend is such a PIZZA lover haha! Great post as always beautiful x

  3. Kayleigh Zara says:

    The pizza looks absolutely amazing and it’s such a good size for the price. The iced tea sounds amazing I’m a massive fan of unsweetened iced tea so it would be right up my street x

  4. Lauren says:

    Oh I do like a good pizza, and this looks so tasty. It looks like a great wee spot. I do like a wee unsweetened ice tea so I would love to try this one!

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

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