A Letter to Miss Mess on your 7th birthday

Dear Miss Mess

You’ll notice that I’ve changed the title since last year, from Moogle to Miss Mess.  That’s because you’re definitely not a tiny Moogle anymore, even if you always will be in my heart.

It’s a bittersweet thing, watching your children grow.  On the one hand it’s wonderful to watch you develop, to see you experience and learn new things.    On the other hand, you can’t help but mourn the loss of the tiny person that you once were, who will now only live on in our memories.

It’s times like today when I love the Facebook memories feature.  Today’s feed is all about you and it’s lovely to look back at all the pictures, statuses and messages from years gone by.  I realised today that although the 22nd June will also be your special day, it is actually a celebration for the whole family.  For me, your dad, you grandparents and aunties and uncles, this is the anniversary of a day when something truly wonderful came into all of our lives….You.

The day you were born completely changed my life.  That sounds stupidly obvious, but it’s true.  Before you, I was just Stacey.  I was married with a job, pretending to be a grown-up with responsibilities.  Suddenly, I was Mummy.  Someone was depending on me and relying on me to be the best version of myself I could possibly be.  It was a pretty earth-shattering feeling.

According to Google, which is the fountain of all knowledge, I have been alive for 11,650 days.  I’m pretty sure I wasted over half of them and most are long forgotten, but I remember every moment of the day you were born.  I remember waking up to odd twinges, my waters breaking 14 hours later while on the phone to your Grandad, the room where you were born and the first moment you were placed in my arms.  I suppose there are some things you just never forget.

Miss Mess at 7 isn’t that different to Miss Mess at 6.  You’re now a voracious reader, just like your mummy and daddy.  At the moment you’re happily working your way through the Roald Dahl library and have just started reading The Witches.  Your daddy still reads the odd chapter with you at bedtime, but we all know this is more through choice than necessity.

Your overactive imagination is also coming to good use as you love to write stories.  I have it on good authority that your writing would put some of daddy’s ex-students to shame.  We’ve also bought you a ukulele to help with your creativity.  You’re determined to learn it but I will reserve judgement until we see if you have the patience.

As you get older, I absolutely love spending time with you.  Our theatre trips are some of my favourite events of the year and I’m really looking forward to the mummy-daughter shopping trip we have planned soon.

You’re getting more and more like me as you get older (a fact which your Nana loves to remind me of on a frequent basis.)  You’re always coming up with crazy schemes (like me) and you have the sarcastic wit of your father so I can only assume parents really do reap what they sow.  Still, I wouldn’t change you for anything.  You’re perfect just the way you are.

Yesterday we got your most recent dance exam results.  They were really impressive, honours and Distinction in both Freestyle and Ballet.  You asked me if I was proud of you.  I’ll repeat now what I said to you then:

I am proud of you EVERY SINGLE day.

I couldn’t be prouder if I tried.  You are beautiful (inside and out), caring, generous, talented and sassy.  You are also stroppy, bossy, stubborn, cheeky and completely away with the fairies.  You are 100% unique, just as you should be, and I hope you keep on being exactly who you are.

If you carry on like this I have no doubt that you are going to grow up to be an incredibly special young woman.

I’m sure I’ll be just as proud of you then too.

Happy Birthday Princess

Love Always,

Mummy xx


  1. abbeylouisarose says:

    Your daughter is growing up into a beautiful young woman! No wonder you feel like the Moogle nickname doesn’t quite fit any more! The photos are really gorgeous and how much you love your daughter really comes through in this post! Huge congrats on her amazing dance results!

    abbeylouisarose recently posted…Disney Princess LookbookMy Profile

  2. Lauren says:

    Aaah she is just the most adorable little girl, such a little princess! And this is just the sweetest post, so much love <3

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  3. Chloe says:

    Ahhh this is such a lovely read. Its make me so excited to hopefully one day have a daughter of my own. I remember being her age and having my own dance exams!

    Chloe x

    • Stacey says:

      Bless you! I keep getting a bit misty eyed when I read it back. I’m not normally sentimental so I’m blaming it on hormones!

  4. Debra-Bow says:

    What a beautiful post, and something so special for her to hopefully read when she’s older! What a lovely girl.

  5. Kayleigh Zara says:

    This is so so sweet! It’s so heartwarming seeing posts like this, your daughter has grown up so much and it’s so great to hear she likes reading too x

  6. Em says:

    This is truly an incredible post. You are an amazing mother and its so life affirming to read the love you have for your daughter through every word and picture in this.

    Simply amazing.

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