Food and Drink Review: Griddle and Shake, Nottingham

I’m not going to lie, one the best things about blogging are the opportunities that it can bring you.  Since starting blogging I have been lucky enough to be invited to some great events, gifted some beautiful products and invited to review exciting new food and drink venues.

When possible, I do like to try and include my family in these opportunities.  Blogging takes up a colossal amount of my time, so when I get to share the benefits with my family I feel like this makes up all the times I’m busy writing, taking photos or attending events.

So you can only imagine my excitement when I was invited to try out the new dessert menu at Griddle and Shake in Nottingham and told I could take my family along with me!  I have such a sweet tooth and have read really great reviews of Griddle and Shake so I couldn’t wait to try it for myself.

We travelled into Nottingham on the tram (a first time adventure for the girls) and the restaurant couldn’t be better placed.  It’s literally right outside the Lace Market tram stop, so it was really easy to find.

As we arrived we were greeted by a member of staff (I’m really sorry – I didn’t get this name) and talked through the way the day would go.  We were told we could pick a seat, choose from the menu and then order at the counter.  Although we were invited to have a main meal as well, we had already eaten lunch so we decided to go straight to dessert.  (Mini Mess was very keen to get her ice cream!)

The decor of Griddle and Shake was really interesting.  It was playful, with an industrial feel.  It was decorated in bright colours with a variety of seating options included tables, barn-like booths and even a cow-print arm chair!

The girls chose to sit in one of the little booths that looked like a barn and then we started to look through the dessert menu.  It was very simple while still offering lots of variety.  Your three main choices were waffles, brownies or ice-cream or you could opt for a combination of the three.

Mr Mess chose a waffle with raspberry pavlova ice-cream. Miss Mess went for chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate with the double chocolate brownies, chocolate and toffee fudge ice-cream and chocolate sauce.  Mini Mess opted to keep it simple with strawberry ice-cream in a cone.

In the name of research (not because I’m greedy) I chose the Double Trouble, a combination of waffle, brownies or blondies and ice-cream, effectively allowing me to try everything on the menu.  I went for the waffle with raspberry and white chocolate topped with honeycomb and chocolate ice-cream and salted caramel sauce.  Over the top, me?  Never!

Our orders arrived really quickly and were everything we’d hoped they’d be.  There was a lot of sharing going on as we all dug into each other’s to decide which we liked the best.  In the end I couldn’t possibly decide as everything was divine! As suspected, my eyes had been far bigger than my belly and there was no way I could possibly have finished it all!  Luckily Mr Mess was on hand to help us all with any we couldn’t manage.

Like so many restaurants nowadays, Griddle and Shake have free refills on their a variety of their soft drinks.  I picked up a couple of cups and was blown away by the choice on offer at the drinks dispenser.  There were so many different flavours of all of the drinks on offers – I was spoiled for choice!

Although we didn’t eat from the main menu I did have a quick scan to see what I was missing out on.  Like the dessert menu, the main menu had a simple selection of items that you could customise to your heart’s content.

On both menus I was really impressed at how the menu catered for a range of dietary requirements.  Gluten free, dairy free and vegan were marked clearly on the menu so you knew exactly what you were ordering.  There was definitely something for everybody.  The meat is all also “Red Tractor” approved, so you can be confident you’re getting the best quality!

The girls were desperate to try a milkshake, so as we were leaving they kindly made us a couple up to take away.  Miss Mess chose chocolate with oreo cookie flavouring while Mini Mess played it safe with strawberry. The chocolate one was delicious although a little too sweet for me, but the strawberry one was amazing!  I didn’t actually watch them be made, so not entirely sure what went in them but it certainly tasted of fresh strawberries!

Overall we had a completely amazing experience, with beautiful food and a relaxed, enjoyable environment.  Although I’m glad I didn’t have a burger on this occasion (I never would have managed those huge desserts afterwards) I will definitely be going back one day to try out their Main as well.  If they’re half as delicious as the desserts I know I won’t be disappointed.

Thank you so much to the wonderful staff at Griddle and Shake for making us feel so welcome and giving us a really great time.  Miss Mess is already pestering me to take her again for her birthday day out.  Thanks also to Sophie at Voice Communications for arranging our visit.  The whole family really appreciated it!

We were invited to review Griddle and Shake in exchange for a complimentary meal.

All views and content are my own.


  1. Sian says:

    Miss Mess is my kind of girl: chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! I love going into places just to get dessert! Like Miss Mess, I tend to go for any sort of chocolate cake or brownies so her dish is definitely right up my street! I’ve never been to Nottingham but this looks tempting!

    Sian x

  2. Lucy Freeman says:

    Sounds like such an amazing place for the family. My lad loves milkshakes. If I ever find myself in Nottingham I will go there. Thanks for sharing xxxxx

  3. Chloe says:

    Ooh this sounds absolutely delicious! The desserts look/sound incredible but I don’t think I could manage a whole one haha! I love the fact that the booths were inspired by barns- that’s so cool! Xx

  4. Lauren says:

    Oh those desserts all sound amazing! Especially the Double Trouble, though there’s no way I could eat it all either ha. And it looks like such a cool place, I love how the sounds of the interiors

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  5. Kayleigh Zara says:

    This looks like an amazing place and the deserts/ milkshakes look so delicious! I’m really close to Nottingham so I might have to give this a try x

  6. Maira says:

    The desserts look amazing! I do love when a place offers bottomless drinks – not sure if that’s good for you because soft drinks contain so much sugar but I guess it’s okay to treat yourself every once in a while – my belief is if you’re going to go to a restaurant, you might as well go ALL OUT 😉

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