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I simply LOVE to buy skincare and beauty products.  There are so many beautiful bottles with their delicious fragrances that promise to give me flawless skin and make me look like I’m 17 again.  Every day I find a new amazing product I want to try and there are oodles to choose from.

Perversely, I am also terrible at using said products.  Seriously, why people would want to spend 30-45 minutes on a decent skincare routine when they could just have more sleep is beyond me.  This explains why I currently have a storage unit sitting in my bathroom, groaning under the weight of the last 10 years of shopping sprees and birthday/Christmas hauls.  It’s disgusting, really!

On a very long bus journey, I was complaining to Sarah from Entirely Sarah that although I have many lovely, lovely products to review and write about, I couldn’t figure out the best way to incorporate them into a post.  “Hey, look at this cleanser I haven’t opened since I bought it five years ago” is hardly a positive selling point.

Sarah suggested that, rather than doing “drugstore haul” posts, showing my latest purchases, I could instead “Shop my Stash”.  I could choose a selection of products each month, as if I were picking them from a shelf in a shop, write about them and then (heaven forbid) ACTUALLY USE THEM! Then at the end of the month I can review them, feature them in an “empties” or “favourites”, or heck – just clear some clutter out of my goddamn house!!

I thought this was a simply amazing idea and that is why you are currently reading this introduction right now.  So, for May I have raided my stockpiles of skincare and beauty products and here are the lotions and potions I will be focussing on using this month:


Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm.

I have literally heard so many good reviews of this product that it would be an absolute crime to leave it sitting in my drawer any longer.  I look forward to finding out if it as good as everyone says it is.

Champneys Gentle Facial Polish

I have no idea how long this has been in my stockpile, but at a conservative estimate I would say 2 years, probably more.  I also have no idea where I got it.  The last time I had a facial, the therapist told me I absolutely had to use exfoliators to help my terribly dry skin.  So, here goes.

White Chocolate Mousse Mask

I was given these as part of a Christmas Advent Calendar gift.  I do love a chocolate face mask but I’ve never tried a White Chocolate one.  I think it’s finally time to give these a go.

The Body Shop Oils of Life Facial Oil

Last year, I won a Body Shop goody bag in a Twitter chat.  This was one of the many products included in the bag.  Facial oils seem to be all the rage at the moment and I’ve never tried one.  My skin is seriously dehydrated at the moment so I’m really hoping this will help.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream

Another goody bag item, this cream looks and smells gorgeous.  Let’s hope it works some magic on the dried out husk that is my face.


The Body Shop Shea Butter

One final item from the Body Shop goody bag, I’m not exactly 100% sure what this is called.  Still, it smells really nice so who cares what it’s called.  I almost never use body lotions or creams, but seeing as I have so many in stock, it seems like I need to start.


Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask

I picked up this little beauty from Tesco for £1, at least a year ago.  I used it for the first time on my pamper day over the Easter holidays and was really pleased with the results.  I think I’ll try and use it at least once every two weeks, maybe more if I get the time.

And all the rest…

MAC Strobe Cream

Not sure if this constitutes skincare or makeup, but it’s somewhere in the middle.  I bought this as a luxury item a couple of years ago and hardly ever use it.  After hearing some great reviews, I really am not that impressed and can hardly tell the difference.   I’ve decided the time has come to get it used up and get rid of it.

I think that should do for May, although I’ve barely scratched the surface of my backlog of skincare stuff. Most of these are items I’ve never or hardly used but in future there will be some that I just need to get used up.


  1. Charlotte says:

    I love this idea! I was only saying pretty much the same thing to my blogger pal Kirstie the other day and I am going to do similar posts! I think the way I am going to go about is at the beginning of each month I’m going to get out a selection of products and use them and only them as my skincare until they run out and end up in an empties post or I decided they are not me for and offer them over to my friends,

    Can’t wait to see what you ink of these products the only one I can speak for is the mere,ya one which I love!!!
    Charlotte recently posted…Beauty Under A Fiver: Good Things Coconut Oil Hydrating Hand CreamMy Profile

    • Stacey says:

      That sounds like a great idea for a post. I’m rubbish at sticking to a skincare routine but I’m determined to get these used up this time.

    • Stacey says:

      I’ve had to put myself on a complete shopping ban. I’ll have to tell family at birthdays too or they’ll just buy me stuff!

  2. Rachael | Helpless Whilst Drying says:

    I love posts like this. I’ve recently been decluttering a lot of makeup things that don’t work for me. But for some reason throwing or giving away hair and skincare just feels wasteful. I really liked the MeruMaya cleansing balm, it took me ages to start it like you though, it sat in my collection for a best part of a year before I began trying it.
    The White Chocolate Masques sound interesting!

  3. Sophie says:

    this is a great idea for a series, I should do something similar I’m trying to desperately use everything up! good luck on your mission! xxx

  4. Rianne says:

    I think an empties post of skincare your loving would be a great monthly post. You have loads of little gems in your stash! That Mac strobing cream is great when used under your highlight, really makes it pop! Hope you get some use out of them x

  5. Lauren says:

    Oh this is such a great series idea! I was thinking of doing something similar with my eyeshadows and lipsticks, because I have so many and I never use them.
    I haven’t used any of these products apart from The Body Shop Vitamin E moisture cream, and I absolutely LOVED it. I love the whole vitamin E range, it’s actually the range that got me into a routine of having a proper skincare routine in place.

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  6. Lucy says:

    Love this type of post! Makes so much sense to use what we have instead of buying products all the time. I used to love the Champneys skincare but now use Liz Earle xxxxx

    • Stacey says:

      I’ve got some Liz Earle stuff stashed away somewhere as well so I’m sure that will be making an appearance in future editions.

    • Stacey says:

      I’m also really nosy! I’m glad you liked the post. I’m always late to beauty parties as well – I just can’t keep up with all the new releases!

  7. Sian says:

    I think I need to do something like this. I’ve tried to declutter all of my belongings but I can’t bear to touch my beauty products. I’m such a hoarder too when it comes to toiletries. My issue is having eczema, if I use a product once and don’t like it, I have to stop using it straight away! I might have a go at this sort of post though!

    Sian x

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