Running a half marathon for better mental health

I was very naughty yesterday and missed my weekly run.  The guilt was made even worse when I switched on the telly to see the incredible group of people running the London Marathon.  There they were, slogging away over 26 miles when I sat sobbing on the sofa, polishing off the last of the Easter Eggs.

My big race day is in September.  I didn’t watch the whole London Marathon, but did manage to catch the women’s winner sailing over the finish line.  She finished the whole marathon in less time than I will (hopefully) finish the half, which is a sobering thought.

Still, watching the London Marathon was a bit of inspiration for me.  I’m excited now to see if I can rise to my own challenge and prove myself capable of something I NEVER thought I’d be able to do.

It was also interesting to hear everyone’s stories about why they were running and who they were running for.  I’ve known that I wanted to run for a charity for a while now, but I’ve kept it to myself.  Until today.

When I run the Robin Hood Half Marathon in September, I’ll be running for Mind, the mental health charity.  Mental health problems can affect anyone at any time and most people I know have come into contact with mental health issues at some point.  I myself have dealt with mental health issues, both directly and through family members for over half my life, something I hope to write about in a dedicated post when I can find the right words.

I’m hoping that by running the half marathon and sharing my experience on the blog, I may be able to help raise money to support other people who are affected by mental health problems, as well as their families.  I’m also hoping collecting sponsorship will give me some accountability so I can’t chicken out at the last minute.

There’s obviously no obligation to contribute (unless you’re family in which case, yes, you have to! Ha!), but if you did want to donate to a good cause and give me some extra encouragement you can find my Just Giving post here.  Messages of support are also greatly appreciated!

Now, I really need to get off the sofa and get back to training!



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