Wrapping up Warm with Rosegal.com

Brrrrrrrr! It’s turned a bit chilly, hasn’t it?

After a stupidly mild December (Where was my snow?), it feels like Winter has finally arrived. (No – that isn’t a veiled Game of Thrones reference!)  The gloves are on, the scarves are out and it’s time to wrap up warm!

I’ve been saying for ages that I really need to get myself a new coat.  I have plenty already, but they either don’t fit or are getting shabby.  Time to throw out the old and welcome the new.  So, when I was contacted by Rosegal.com asking me to choose some items to review I knew exactly what I was looking for!

I knew I wanted a winter coat that was a little different to anything I was seeing when I looked in the shops so I was very happy when I spotted this Tie Belt Hooded Plaid Woolen Coat

The fabric is a little lighter than I was expecting but it still has a lovely soft, woollen feel.  It probably wouldn’t be suitable for arctic conditions, but it is perfect for when you need an extra layer but you don’t want to overheat.  It’ll be great for shopping trips and for work etc…

When ordering, I was a little worried about the sizing.  It is sometimes difficult to predict the size I’ll need if I can’t try on before I buy, especially if it’s button fastening.  (Big boob problems #24)  Luckily, this fabric actually has a little stretch to it, so it has a lot of give and fastens really comfortably.

I absolutely adore the pattern, which is different to anything I’ve seen in stores and online this year.  I feel sophisticated and girly at the same time, with the slight hint of pink.  All my current coats are either black or red, so it’s nice to step out of my comfort zone once in a while.

I’ve already had so many compliments from people when I’m out and about wearing this coat!  They’re even more impressed when they hear it’s currently available online for just £27.60!

Oh! I forgot to mention it has a hood as well.  I mean, sure, it’s not going to be much use in wet weather, but it certainly helps to keep your ears warm!

While I was browsing the Rosegal website, I couldn’t resist ordering this sweater with the slogan “Baby It’s Cold Outside”.  One of my favourite songs!  It was only £8.64!!

It’s just a simple sweater, again with a hood, but it’s so comfy and cosy.  This maroon-red is probably one of my preferred colours ever!  I just always feel like it really suits me.  I love slobbing around the house in the top when I need an extra layer on.  It’s better than sweltering in a full knitted jumper!

Rosegal offers free shipping worldwide and so far I have been nothing but thrilled with the items I’ve chosen so far!  Everything is very reasonably priced and there’s a great selection of styles to suit every taste.

I have no doubt I’ll be getting A LOT of wear out of these outfits in the next couple of months!

Have you ever ordered anything from Rosegal.com?  Are you enjoying the cold spell or are you looking forward to Spring?  Leave me a comment below!





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