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Last Wednesday was the official start of term and the dreaded “back to work” day.  To soften the blow, I decided to find a new outfit for work, something I could actually look forward to wearing.  Luckily for me, the lovely people at invited me to choose some items from their website – serendipity strikes again!

zaful workwear black white dress

I’m always absolutely thrilled and ever-so-grateful when companies offer me PR samples of things to review, but there is always a slight niggle when it’s fashion related.  I absolutely hate photos of myself.  I know, I’m that strange creature – the blogger who can’t stand being in front of the camera.  I feel so self-conscious and cringeworthy.

Luckily for me, Mr Mess is a total Godsend where blog photography is concerned.  He’ll happily take hundreds of photos of me, trying to put me at ease, and then won’t be at all offended when I can tolerate about 15 of them, and actually like about 5!

zaful workwear black white dress red hat

For my new workwear outfit, I chose this Round Neck Houndstooth Pencil Dress, which is exactly the kind of style that I like to wear.  It’s classic, without being boring and has just a hint of the vintage fashion that I feel suits me the best.

The dress is made from a lovely, stretchy fabric that is oh-so-comfortable to wear.  It’s the perfect size, with room to move around while not being baggy.  I think it’s really flattering and I can tell it’s going to be getting A LOT of wear in the coming months.

zaful red hat workwear

For a lark, I also ordered this Bowknot Tassel Felt Hat.  Mr Mess is always trying to encourage me to wear hats.  I’m usually resistant as I think I look stupid, but I am trying to be more daring with my outfit choices and try to liven up my personal style.  I do actually quite like this hat, and although I probably wouldn’t be brave enough to wear it to work, I did enjoy strutting down the street in it.

It’s currently sold out online, but you can find plenty of lovely alternatives in the Zaful accessories section.

zaful workwear black white dress red hatThe first week back at work has been a tad trying, with failing computer systems and the joy that is an OFSTED inspection.  I’ll be particularly happy to see the back of this week.  However, thanks to my new outfit I’ve felt like I looked in control and professional and ready for anything.  Looks can be deceiving, eh?

Oh, and Mr Mess, thanks for the photos – you did a great job even with a difficult subject!

This post includes products which have been gifted to me for review purposes.

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