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So, according to Twitter, these kind of posts are tacky, braggy and generally undesirable.  I personally don’t see the difference between “What I got for Christmas” posts and  posts saying “I’ve just spent £100 at Primark” or “Oh, look, I’ve been sent some free makeup”, but each to their own, I guess.

The way I see it is this.  This blog is about me and my life. If you knew me personally and we met up for a coffee, it might be reasonable to ask “So, Stacey, what did you get for Christmas?”.  “Well,” I might reply. “Let me tell you…”

DVD boxsets

Two of my favourite TV shows that ended far too soon are Dollhouse (from Joss Whedon of Buffy fame) and SMASH (a fabulous show about creating a Broadway musical).  I was huge fan of both of these series and was gutted when they were cut short, so I am very happy to re-watch them now.  I’ve already binge-watched 20 episodes of SMASH since Christmas!  It’s totally as good as I remember.

Labyrinth Merchandise

Our whole family are absolutely HUGE fans of the cult-classic film, Labyrinth so Mr Mess decided to buy me a bit of Labyrinth mercy for Christmas.  One item was this stunning book – The Ultimate Visual History.  It is stuffed with behind the scenes info about the making of the film, as well as some truly stunning shots of the movie and its concept artwork.  I’ve started reading some of it already, particularly the insights into Bowie’s character, Jareth and it’s really fascinating.  It’s so in-depth that I’m sure it will take me until next Christmas to read it all.

Funko Pops

My ever-growing collection of Funko pops welcomed two new friends this Christmas, Ariel and Rapunzel (with a teeny-weeny Pascal!).  I don’t know why I love these little things so much but they’re just so cute and they really do liven up my bookshelves.  I’m just in the process of deciding on homes for all of them.


As usual, I got a fair few sets of smellies for Christmas. I always wonder if people are trying to tell me something!  I particularly liked this boxset from Along Came Betty that Miss Mess chose for me (with Nana’s help, obviously!)  There are so many lovely products to choose from, I don’t know where to start.


What blogging gal doesn’t look forward to getting some lovely new makeup goodies for Christmas?  I was really happy to see some new products that I haven’t tried before.  There was a perfume and lipgloss set from Ghost and a nail polish/lip duo from Ted Baker.  I’ve heard good things about Soap and Glory makeup so I’m interested to try their mascara.  I already know I love the lip stains from Younique, so I’m really chuffed to finally own one and now I can try their lipstick as well!  Expect many more posts about these in the coming year!

One of a kind keepsakes

My best friend put in a lot of effort hand making some really special gifts including this lovely mug with my initial on.  I’ve decided it’s too pretty to stain with coffee and so I’m going to use it as a storage container on my dressing table.  She also made some pretty, vintage-style coasters and an adorable cup and saucer which I don’t have a photo of right now but I’m sure you’ll see in my Instagram feed soon!

Food and Drink

My friends and family obviously know me well as I received some lovely food and drink goodies for Christmas.  As well as a HUGE box of biscuits (which is almost gone) and a bottle of Bucks Fizz (which I’m saving for New Year’s Day) I also got this cute Prosecco and chocolates goody bag.  I can’t wait to tuck in!

Gifts from other Bloggers

For the first time ever this year I took part in a couple of gift swaps with other bloggers.  The first was #bloggersadventcalendar with Emma from Much More than a Pretty Face (Twitter handle – @ . We each wrapped 24 small gifts and then opened them for each day of advent.  It was SO much fun opening my present each day and getting a lovely little surprise.  I shared a lot of my gifts on my Instagram page but the final one was this adorable little keyring of Marie from The Aristocats.  How cute is she?

The second gift swap was the #apovgiftswap where I exchanged first with Victoria from Retro Snowflakes.  I was incredibly well-behaved and waited until Christmas Day before opening the presents, even though I was sorely tempted.  I loved my cute little gifts from Victoria.  I can’t wait to use these sweet little bookmarks and the wall-art will be taking pride of place in my bedroom.  I really love the quote and I hope it gives me inspiration in 2017.


As i may have mentioned in a previous post, I am something of a stationery addict.  My mother-in-law knows this and so gave me these two matching notebooks from Paperchase.  I LOVE them but the only dilemma now is what I should use them for.  They’re so pretty that I want to be able to keep them afterwards so it might have to be a future journal.


Another gift from my mother- in-law, this time actually an early Christmas present.  She had seen me admiring these beautiful scented candles from Sainsburys in her home and so snuck out and bought some for me!  I thought that was really sweet.  I actually have four of them now, two big and two small, and they take pride of place on my mantlepiece.  I’m just gutted I’ll have to put them away after Christmas.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all of the lovely treats I was given for Christmas.  I’m pretty sure you’d find it quite tedious if I listed each individual item.  However this gives you a bit of a taster, and also an insight in to what my friends and family think reflects my character.

I certainly think I was a very lucky girl.  Thank you to everyone who thought about me and gave me a gift – it really is the thought counts, so I’m always gobsmacked with how generous people are.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and were happy with what you got for Christmas.  If you’ve done a Christmas gift post then please feel free to link it in the comment section below and I’ll be sure to check it out.

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