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Well then, did we all have a nice Christmas?

I certainly did, even if it was a bit hectic.  I’m starting to feel that I may have finally outgrown Christmas.  I want to still love it, but there’s just something missing.  I wonder if, as an adult, you have to work so hard to make Christmas magic for everyone on else that you kind of lose it for yourself.  There’s so much running about, travelling back and forth, lugging bags about – it’s all a bit exhausting.  This year this was almost no time for the bits I really enjoy – eating nice food, watching Christmas TV, playing games.  It’s a point for development next year…

Christmas started properly with our annual Christmas Eve meal at my Mother-In-Law’s house.  We have ham, egg and chips, which may not sound like the most festive of meals but it’s a family tradition.  We follow it with Christmas Pudding, which the children were slightly shocked to see us set slight.  It does look pretty in the dark!

After dinner the children were given their first round of presents from their Grandma.  There were A LOT. By the time they were finished it looked like a toy shop had exploded.  The girls were really happy with their new toys.  I am going to do a later post sharing and reviewing some of the lovely things they got, so I won’t go into too much detail here.

That evening we headed to our local church for the children’s Crib Service.  This is a really cute service that we try and go to each year.  The children get to dress up and act out the Nativity story  while we all get to sing Christmas carols.  At the end, Father Christmas pays a visit and gives the children a little treat.  It’s a really lovely family event and it always leaves me in the mood for the festive celebrations.

I always sleep badly on Christmas eve and this year was no exception.  I think I woke up hourly wondering if it was time for the fun to begin.  I’m such a child!

The girls were actually incredibly well-behaved and didn’t wake up until about 8am.  I knew it was a special day as they came downstairs by themselves, which they almost never do.  Once we were all in the living room it was time for our second round of present opening.  We had tried to be pretty restrained, so it didn’t take too long.

Afterwards the girls wanted to head straight up to their playroom to have their breakfast and play with their toys.  Miss Mess had lots of new dolls to keep her entertained, while Mini Mess was enjoying herself with her Paw Patrol goodies.

We all had a few hours of relax time, which I used to get ready while watching one of my presents – the TV series SMASH on DVD.  I’m thinking of writing a review of this series as I love it SO much!

For our Christmas Day lunch we were invited to my sister-in-laws, something we’ve never done before.  We were joined by some of my brother-in-law’s family and we all had a great time catching up and exchanging yet more gifts. The meal was delicious and Miss Mess had a great time playing with a new friend, Theo.  After the meal the kids had some time running around in the garden before it was time to go home.

We had about an hour at home, where I frantically wrapped a few last minute presents, before it was time to head to my parents’ house for a Christmas Day night party.  There was a lovely buffet with lots of yummy food, even more presents to open and more family to see and catch up with.

Mr Mess and I were incredibly cheeky and nicked off a bit early, leaving the girls to stay overnight with Mum so they could enjoy the rest of the party.  We decided to go home, catch up on some Christmas telly and have a well-deserved beverage.

We were lucky enough to have a very leisurely get-up on Boxing Day morning before we had to go and collect the girls to go to another family event, this time at my Mother-in-law’s.  We were again joined by some of Mr Mess’s family and there was yet more amazing food to eat.  I, as usual, succumbed to far too many smoked salmon blinis – they’re my kryptonite!

After dinner a few of us decided to go for a much needed walk.  It was lovely to get some fresh air and walk off some of the excess food.  I was starting to feel pretty sluggish after all the rich for, so a brisk walk through the countryside was very refreshing!

Soon it was time for us to take the girls home and finally we could enjoy some quiet time at home.  We spent the evening watching Christmas movies, building Disney lego (more for me than the girls) and playing board games.  It was lovely.

I do love the social side of Christmas, and having tried a low-key Christmas in the past I know I definitely prefer to get out and see all the family.  However, it is really hard to strike a balance.  I figure it’s a work in progress and I can try again next year.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, spending it however suits you.  Please leave me a comment below letting game know what you got up to.


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