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In a recent post, I mentioned that a company called had contacted me regarding reviewing some of their fashion products.  I received the items last week and was incredibly excited to try them on and have another photoshoot with Mr Mess.

Good grief, how do full-time fashion bloggers do it?! We had big plans this weekend.  I got all dressed up, full makeup, hair in rollers, the whole she-bang.  We headed out to Chatsworth House, with it’s stunning vistas and planned to take a host of autumny pics with golden falling leaves.  Best laid plans and all that.  Turns out trying to take blog shots with two children in two is a recipe for failure.  I got one decent photograph.  ONE!  This one to be exact!


Plan B was to head out on Sunday morning while my M-I-L looked after the girls, but unfortunately the weather had other ideas.  So we moved onto Plan C – do the photoshoot in our house one evening after work.

Now, anyone who knows me well will know my house is not particularly photogenic.  It’s cluttered and pretty gloomy but thanks to some hard work and initiative by Mr Mess, we finally, FINALLY, managed to get my photos taken.

Now I can actually get on with my review.


The items I chose from were this floral midi dress with three quarter length sleeves and this rolled sleeve cardigan in wine red.  According to the website, the cardigan has now sold out in this colour but you can still get it in khaki or white.


My first impressions of the dress were pretty positive.  It was a different kind of fabric to what I was expecting (I never properly read the product descriptions).  I was expecting quite a heavy, cotton fabric but its actually quite silky.  The material doesn’t have an awful lot of give in it, but it fits nicely and is quite flattering.


The pattern on the dress is very delicate and feminine so it’s definitely the kind of thing I would normally go for.  I have to admit, when I first tried it on Mr Mess and I weren’t 100% sure if it suited me.  Being blessed in the bosom department, I would usually avoid high-neck dresses.  They tend to exaggerate this area even more – a sweetheart or v-neck is usually better suited to my body shape.

Nevertheless, the more I wear this dress the more it’s starting to grow on me.  The addition of a belt helps to add a little more shape and I quite like the feel of wearing something a little different to my usually style.


From the picture on the website, I had expected the cardigan to be a little bigger than it was. I looked quite over-sized but in reality it’s quite an average sized garment.  (Saying garment always makes me think of Project Runway – garment, garment, make it work!) It’s very comfortable and warm.  On Saturday, I went out for the day in just this cardigan, no coat, and it was perfectly pleasant.


This dress is currently on sale for £19.78 which I think is very reasonable and the cardigan (in it’s alternative colours) is £15.99. offers free delivery on orders over £30.  There is a great range of products in different styles to suit every taste, however some items only went up to XL and so weren’t suitable for the more plus size lady.  I ordered 2XL in this dress and it fit perfectly, but I would like to see a few more styles in the larger sizes.

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This post includes products which have been gifted to me for review purposes.

All views and opinions are my own. 

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