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I was recently contacted by, a website that sells fashion and lifestyle items.  They suggested I write a Halloween themed post and offered to send me a sample of their Halloween products to help.  I was really excited, but also though it was quite a challenge as, honestly, I’m just not that big a fan of Halloween.

Before having children, Halloween really wasn’t a big deal in our household.  We didn’t go to parties, watch scary movies or even open the door to trick-or-treaters.  Yes, we were that house.  The one that closes the curtains and pretends to be out.  I hate being scared, shocked or grossed out so really don’t like the recent trend of bringing real horror into Halloween. I don’t want to see gory, gruesome costumes, I like Scooby Doo levels of spookiness! My other half, Mr Mess, can’t understand how parents can actively encourage their offspring to knock on the doors of strangers and request sweets, when any other day of the year this would be expressly forbidden.  It just wasn’t our favourite holiday.

Once the girls came along we had to make a little more effort.  We still firmly stand by the no-trick-or-treating thing. (That’s madness – end of)  but the kids see the adverts, hear their friends talking and watch TV shows with Halloween episodes so they expect something a bit different.  After a few years, we’re getting rather good at this Halloween lark.

So, here’s my top tips for celebrating Halloween (even if you’re just not that into it)

1. Go for some low-key decorating

Just because you don’t want to stick a talking skeleton in your front lawn, doesn’t mean you can’t show willing.  We have a few key pieces which we bring out at halloween, just to make the house feel a little different.  When Rosegal contacted me about this post, I thought it was a great chance to pick up some new decorations.

I tend to go for cutesy Halloween rather than gory, so I really liked this adorable little honeycomb bat decoration.  They do a variety of other creatures and as this one was only £3.66 I might have to get myself a few more


2. Choose your outfit

As soon as the lovely people at Rosegal talked about creating a Halloween themed post, I knew that I wanted to try and create a non-costumey Halloween look.  Now, I love dressing up (you should have seen me as Poison Ivy last weekend) but I know it’s not for everyone.  Just because you don’t want to wear fancy dress though, doesn’t mean you can’t get into the spirit of things.


To help me create this look, I chose this wine-red lace dress from  It’s the exact kind of dress I would normally wear, except with a slightly Victorian, gothy twist.   As soon as I tried it on I knew it was going to be one of my new favourite dresses.  The fit is amazing.  It’s comfortable while still being flattering.


I also loved the colour.  I’d normally turn to my traditional black dresses for Halloween, but the wine-red makes a refreshing change.  Plus, it works really well with the kind of modern vampire look I was aiming for.


To accessories the look, and add a little Halloween flair, I chose this ring shaped like a coffin (it actually opens).  I also picked these bat earrings and this lace choker (complete with blood droplet) .  All of the accessories were less than £2 each and would add a touch of Halloween to any outfit.


I’m a bit useless when it comes to hair and makeup but I did try to be a little more adventurous than I usually would.   I went for very pale makeup (nothing new there) with A LOT of dark contouring for that hollowed out look.  My eyes were very dark with lots of eyeliner and I even found a black lipstick from Superdrug for £1. For my hair, I just chucked in a few loose curls to give it a bit of texture.


3. Watch a not-too-scary movie

I’ve pretty much sworn off scary movies now (an overactive imagination will do that to you), but there’s no reason you can’t have a little spooky fun without completely freaking yourself out.  There are lots of movies that the whole family can enjoy, including Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare before Christmas, Casper the Friendly Ghost, Scooby Doo The Movie.  I’m sure there are many more, but I can’t think I can’t think of them right now.


This pillowcase, also from, is a great way to get an extra hint of Halloween, it’s ridiculously cute and it’s also perfect for hiding behind during those particularly frightening moments.  I love it because once Halloween has passed I can whip the cover off, fold it up and store it easily until next yet.

4. Throw a mini-party

Although we don’t have the space to do anything major, the girls do like to have a little bit of fun on Halloween night itself.  Assuming it’s not a school night, we all get dressed up, do Halloween activities like carving pumpkins and baking cupcakes.  I had planned on having a cute, modest pumpkin this year, but Mr Mess has had other ideas.  The pumpkin currently on our dining table is HUGE!  We also like to play a few games – one of my favourites is to hang a doughnut by a piece of string and try to eat it without using your hands.  It’s surprisingly difficult!  Mr Mess always wants us to play Snapdragon, but seeing as it involves raisins covered in flaming brandy I think that’ll be a no.


This Halloween, I’m pretty sure I’ll be snuggled up at home in my cute new slogan sweater which also sent to me.  It’s actually made of a lot thinner material than I’d anticipated when I saw it on the website, so it’s just right to be worn in the house in the colder months. You can be warm without getting too hot and suffocated.  It’s currently for sale on their website for only £10.06 which I think is a total bargain!


So those are my plans for Halloween this year.  Moogle has already decided she’ll be wearing her vampire princess costume from last year and Bug has informed me she wants to dress up as Apollo the Superpup from Paw Patrol.  Which would be cool except there isn’t a branded Apollo costume, so I’m having to piece one together.  Thank heavens for eBay.


Happy Halloween everyone!  Let me know how you’ll be spending it in the comments below!

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