Dear Diary: 8 things I love about Autumn

I noticed that some bloggers published their “Hello Autumn” posts back at the start of September, so I feel a little late to the party.  However, for me, September was far too warm to get into the autumnal spirit.  I’ve been waiting for the darker mornings and colder days.  Yesterday, as I was sat freezing my butt off in the bus station, I finally felt like summer was really over. So, to mark the occasion here are 8 things I love about Autumn:


1. Woolly jumpers and cosy blankets

While it is almost impossible to cool down in the Summer, it is very, VERY easy to warm up in Autumn.  There’s nothing better than a cosy night at home, snuggled up on the sofa in your favourite fluffy jumper or blanket.  I’m currently on the hunt for a winter jumper, something really big and comfy.  However, Mr Mess has the perfect one which is just right for me to borrow (cough – steal!) until I can find one of my own.

2. Hot Beverages

Autumn evenings mean bidding a fond farewell to Pimms and Lemonade and other cooling refreshments.  Instead, I welcome the return of delicious warming drinks such as flavoured lattes, vanilla chai tea, mulled cider and mead.

3. Autumn Food

There’s nothing more comforting on a cold evening than a hearty stew or homemade pie.  Mr Mess has some particularly good recipes which haven’t been sampled in a while.  I look forward to their return in the coming months.  Bye bye salads, hello comfort food!

4. A Change in the Scenery

I’m not a naturally an outdoorsy person and I’m certainly no poet, but even I can’t deny there is something magical in watching the seasons transform the world around us.  We have a creeper in our back garden and it’s about this time that it goes a very attractive red colour.  Add that to the slightly misty, frosty mornings and even my mundane soul is moved.

5. Blackberry Picking

This is a weird one as I actually don’t like blackberries (BITS!) but I really love the idea of going out for a blackberry-picking excursion.  There’s an area of woodland near us which is rife with the little devils and the whole family likes to head out with their baskets in hand.  It’s always fun to see how much loot we can bring home (if Mr Mess and the kiddies haven’t snaffled them all enroute!)  We usually get a tupperware full which we freeze and use to make crumbles, pies or even blackberry boozes as the mood takes us.

6. Knee High Boots

Yes, I realise that you can wear knee high boots at any time during the year, and obviously I do, but they just seem so RIGHT in the Autumn/Winter season.  Last year I bought some gorgeous berry-coloured ones from Tesco and they’re still going strong.  I can’t wait to think up some fabulous outfits and wear them to death!  I especially love wearing boots because you can wear a few pairs of socks underneath them to work, so you don’t have to worry about chilly toes!

7. Dark Colours

Lips, clothes, coats, nails, hair – you name it, during Autumn it’s going to start getting darker.  People are always trying to encourage me to wear brighter colours, and in the Summer I kind of feel obliged, but I never really feel they suit me.  As the colder weather sets in, I can sink back into my comfort zone of basic black and autumnal reds and browns.  Bliss!

8. October Half-Term

Absolutely one of my favourite things to look forward to in Autumn is October half term.  Not only does it mean a week off work, family fun days and some well earned rest, it also includes lots of events and celebrations.  My sisters’ birthday usually falls around this time, plus there’s Halloween.  We’re not massive Halloween fans in our house (well – apart from Bug.) Mr Mess always comments on the absurdity of encouraging our children to take sweeties from total strangers!  However, the girls do love getting dressed up so we usually throw a little party for close family and have yummy food and games.

On top of all that (as if that wasn’t enough) October half term is the start of our Christmas preparation.  Yes I know that seems mega early, but it’s only 6 weeks.  Half term is the ideal time to prepare our christmas puddings, make batches of winter chutneys and mincemeat and start planning presents.  We’re hoping to do some handmade gifts this year so they will need extra planning.  Our favourite garden centre also opens it’z spectacular Christmas display around that time so we’ll definitely pop in for a look.

I really think October Half-Term might be my favourite holiday – only 2 weeks to go!

What about you? Do you love Autumn?  Or is there another season you prefer?  Leave me a comment below!

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