Review: The Lighthouse Inn, Walcott

In a little village called Walcott, right on the Norfolk coast is a pub called The Lighthouse Inn.

The Lighthouse Inn is a short walk, and an even shorter drive, from the cottage we usually stay in on our Summer holidays. Over the years we’ve visited there a few times and I thought it might be nice to share with you why we keep going back.


The food at The Lighthouse Inn is really good quality and they serve a great selection of traditional pub fare. (Which is pretty important in a pub, wouldn’t you say?).  The portion sizes are huge and I don’t think there is any way I could possibly finish one of their meals. I particularly love their lasagne while Mr Meas is partial to their massive homemade pies.

They also have a really good kids menu, with plenty of choice for the little ones. Moogle happily tucked into her cottage pie. They didn’t have fish fingers for Bug, but we bought her chicken strips instead and she didn’t seem to notice the difference!


They also have a really tasty dessert menu. On our last trip I just had to sample their Belgian Waffles (I can never resist waffles!) The girls love to buy those ice creams which come in animal shaped pots with silly names like Vacky and Kwaky. We’re building up a quite a collection now.

Family Entertainment

Our absolute favourite thing about The Lighthouse Inn is the entertainment. In the summer holidays they host children’s entertainers in their huge marquee. This is proper old school entertainment, very traditional and family friendly.

There are a number of acts you might see but I thought I’d briefly feature the two that we saw on our recent visit.

On the first evening, the entertainment was provided by Razz the clown and Auntie Pearl.  Razz and Pearl and incredibly loveable and daft.  They give off the impression of being utterly incompetent and barmy, while obviously having complete control and being total pros.  Razz was brilliant at making the kids laugh with his corny jokes and silly magic tricks.  Auntie Pearl created fantastic balloon sculptures for the kids – I even got a very fetching balloon hat!


Our collection of balloon poodles!

Our entertainer for the second night was Dave Doughnut. I remember Dave from the last time we were on holiday as he was one of our favourite performers.  His show includes traditional magic tricks, party games and general silliness.  The kids started by playing a game where they had to choose number.  Poor Bug got completely confused and kept standing on the number 2 because that’s how old she was!  It was hilarious but always really adorable!


The star attraction in Dave Doughnut’s act is his traditional Punch and Judy show. Moogle had seen it once before, so she was very excited to get to re-watch it. Poppy was completely mesmerised and couldn’t stop giggling, particularly when the crocodile bit Punch’s nose.  She still talks about it now, nearly two months later.

Both acts included a great children’s disco with all the classics.   I had great fun teaching Moogle the Macarena, Agadoo and the Cha Cha Slide (which she got really good at!) Even Bug got to join in the Hokey Cokey, which is her favourite dance from her toddler group.

So far, we have had many fabulous nights at The Lighthouse Inn.  The staff are really friendly and welcoming.  They were even very forgiving when we accidentally left without paying our tab. (We went back first thing in the morning to pay)  Let’s hope we get to have many more good times in the future!

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