Review: A White Post Farm Birthday Party

Last week was mainly spent celebrating the birthday of our beautiful baby Bug, who recently turned three! The celebrations came to a close on Sunday, with a party for close friends and family at White Post Farm in Nottinghamshire. Anyone who knows Bug will know that she is absolutely animal crazy.  She loves them all.  So I was feeling rather proud of myself for coming up with an idea for a party that was just right for her.

white post farm party

Booking The Party

I’d contacted White Post Farm about two months before the party to book. Booking was incredidbly easy.  I emailed across a completed booking form and paid a £50 deposit over phone. There were lots of additional extras you could choose.  I decided to make my own birthday cake and party bags, but I did pay for a character visit from Olaf (More on that later).  The party cost £9.95 per child with a minimum of 10 children, which seemed incredibly reasonable to me.  There was even party food included in the price, plus a present for the birthday girl.


A White Post Farm Party

We arrived at White Post Farm at about 10am. Our tour didn’t officially start until 10.30am,  but we  wanted to get everyone signed in. Adults who were staying with their children (and any extras who wanted to tag along for the fun) paid £5 on the door. (Mr Mess and I got free entry as you get two accompanying adults included in the package.)dsc_5779

The staff were really friendly and helpful right from the very beginning. We had lots of bags filled with party goodies and the staf took them all to the party room for us so we didn’t have to cart them around. We were greeted by our tour guide, Laura, who was lovely and handled the kids very well ( especially Moogle who talked her ears off.  If she was driving Laura crazy she hid it REALLY well!)


Laura led us around the farm for the tour portion of the party to make sure we got to see all of the animals.  She had plenty of bags of animal food, which she handed out to the chidren.  The kids really enjoyed feeding the ducks, chickens, llamas, goats, sheep and some incredibly beautiful deer.  It was quite a trek around the whole farm. Not exactly easy with two ladies with walking sticks, two pregnant women and a bunch of toddlers!  Still we managed, slowly, and it was great for the kids to get to explore together.


Getting Closer to the Critters

Next we were taken to the small barn where children could hold guinea pigs, teeny-tiny mice and chicks. Bug got a little bored at this point and wandered off to play in the toy pony section. Still, the other kids enjoyed having a cuddle with the cute critters and I suppose it was Bug’s birthday to do as she pleased.


We walked back through the Silver Barn and were introduced to even more little friends.  The baby lambs and piglets were particular favourites.  I myself was partial to the chipmunks scurrying about in their run suspend above our heads.  Then we got to the bit I really wasn’t looking forward to. The reptile house.

I have had an insane phobia of snakes for as long as I can remember so I opted to stay well away. ( Turns out this was a very fortuitous decision a huge orange beast on the viewing table which would probably have been the end of me. Moogle was incredibly brave and stroked the snake, much to her delight.  It’s nice to know I haven’t passed my fears on to her.  I do try and reassure her that there’s nothing to be scared of, it’s just something broken in Mummy’s head.

Having said that, even Mr Mess was a little perturbed by the 12 foot python. According to the handlers, staff have to go in its enclosure two at a time. You know. Just in case!!


There was just enough time to visit the meerkats (my favourites) and the harvest mice (Mr Mess’ favourites) before our party room was ready for us to go and eat lunch.

Party Time!

Inside the party room we were greeted by Olaf, as I had paid extra for him to come and meet the children.  To have a character turn up to the party it cost £15 for 15 minutes.  Now, I didn’t time it or anything, but by the time we’d coaxed all of the children into the room and got them settled, I’m not convinced they had 5 minutes with Olaf, let alone 15.  Don’t get me wrong – Bug absolutely loved having her cuddle and photo with him, but he disappeared very quickly after that and I didn’t really get a chance to see them together.  I’m just saying I don’t think I’d bother paying for that part again.  Still it was worth it for the huge smile on Bugs face when she saw him!



The party room was beautiful.  There was plenty of room for everyone to sit and it was nicely decorated.  Laura bought out sandwiches, chips and hot snacks and served the kids.   We didn’t have to do anything. While they were tucking in, I finished up decorating the cake and stuffing the party bags.


After their main course the kids were treated to fairy cakes and ice creams, which went down a treat I can tell you.  While Laura cleared away, I got down to the important part – blowing out the candles.


There was really only one possible choice for the birthday cake this time round – a farmyard cake.  I tried to keep it simple for a change and chose to stick to one tier.  I FINALLY found a madeira cake recipe that I actually got a long with and I was actually pleased with the finished product.  I covered it in plain green icing and added brown strips to look like a fence around the cake.


My dad was landed with the complicated part of the project.  I supplied him with a variety of fondant icing and gave him the task of creating the animals to go on the cake.  As usual, he didn’t let us down and the animals were brilliant.  The sheep in particularly was ridiculously detailed – far better than I could have done.



Creating the party bags is always one of my favourite parts of the party-planning process.  I really enjoy picking each item, trying to ensure they all compliment the theme.  I do tend to shop around online for the best party products, but this time all of my party favours were from  For this party we had party boxes decorate with farm pictures.  Inside were some stickers and a jigsaw (both farm-themed), some little toy farm animals and some haribo.  I also bought farmyard masks and hats for the children to wear during the party.  They seemed to really like them.


After the party food was eaten and the cake divided up, the official part of the party was over.  As the kids were having such a nice time we decided to let them stay for a while.  Everybody headed out to the playground and let the little ones run around and burn off any excess energy.

Overall it was an absolutely fabulous party choice and I would really recommend it to anyone.  I thought the price was remarkably reasonable and you really got value for money.  The usual ticket price for a child was only 50p less than the party price, so that’s a bargain in my eyes! The children had a fabulous time, and if you stay after the party you can really make a day of it.

There is a party section on the website if you wanted any more details or you can ring and I’m sure they’ll tell you everything you need to know.

And that’s my parties done for the year.  Well, maybe… We’ll have to see what I can think up next!


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