A Letter to Bug on your 3rd birthday

To my beautiful baby bug,

Firstly, let me start off by apologising for being the worst mother in the history of the world.  I completely  forgot to send off a CBeebies birthday card for you.  I realised about 3 weeks ago, when I’d missed the deadline.  I felt like a complete monster. Next year I promise you’ll have the best card the CBeebies channel have ever seen.  In the meantime, I’m hoping your birthday party on Sunday goes some way towards making it up to you.


So, where do I start with this letter?  Today is, as the title would suggest your 3rd birthday.  As it was a milestone for you, we decided it would be a good time to stop your secret night-time bottles and move from pull-ups to big girl pants.   It’s like you’ve grown up all in one day.  It’s been quite difficult to deal with.  For us, at least.  You’ve taken everything in your stride.  You’ve happily sent the bottles off to the baby lambs (your idea – not mine) and today you’ve worn pants all day with no accidents.  I sometimes wish I could press pause so you could be a baby for just a little longer.

You are completely indescribable.  I always thought your sister was going to rule supreme over the eccentric behaviour in this house but you certainly give her a run for her money.  They broke the mould after they made you.  There isn’t a single day that goes by when you don’t make me smile (or usually laugh out loud.)

At the moment you’re animal mad, especially Lizzie the dog and anything to do with horses.  You love My Little Pony and Barbie’s A Pony Tail, which you watch on repeat.  Your favourite mode of transport is riding on my back, which you force me to do numerous times a day.  Up and down a three-storey house!  If I have back problems in later life, I’ll know who to blame.


I absolutely love to watch you and your big sister play together.  You can be particularly awful to her at times, which I know she finds hard to deal with as she tries to be quite fair.  At the same time, you’re learning so much from her.  I can already tell you’re probably going to love performing like she does.  You already know most of the words to her Into The Woods Jnr CD.  Maybe we can all put on little shows when you’re a bit older?

You obviously have your flaws (Don’t we all?) You can be far too aggressive and bossy, but I think you’re just a very tiny person trying to find her place in the world.  Deep down though you’re incredibly affectionate and love nothing better than a good “huggle”.  I love seeing glimpses of your softer side when you think someone needs caring for.


You’re naturally very inquisitive and adventurous.  I imagine you’re going to be a complete handful when you grow up but I still look forward to seeing your personality develop.

Right now, you’re upstairs in your bedroom all by yourself as your sister is out at the theatre with her Nana.  You’re actually being really well-behaved (if you don’t count the occasional loud bang) and you’re happily watch Percy The Park Keeper (or Park Cleaner) as you call it.  There’s every chance you’ll end up in our bed tonight, but secretly I don’t mind.  I’m stocking up on my Bug snuggles while I still have the chance.

I hope you had a nice birthday.  The celebrations are far from over as you’ve got various events over the course of this week.  Hopefully you’ll feel treasured and spoiled throughout, as you deserve to be.

You’re probably far too little to fully understand yet, but I hope one day you can read this and know just how much your mummy (and your whole family) adores you.  You’re a tiny ray of sunshine, a little bundle of anarchy with a very cheeky grin and I wouldn’t change a thing about you.  I hope you continue to be your unique, irresistible little self as you get older.


I’m sure there are many, many more things i could write about; your ability to recite the entire Gruffalo story, your obsession with Paw Patrol and Mash’ems and Paw Patrol Mash’ems, your love of cakey, your endless viewing of YouTube Halloween videos – the list is endless.  Seeing as no amount of words could ever  fully explain just how tremendous you are, I’ll leave it there for now at least.

Happy birthday, little brown mouse

Lots of love always

Your mummy.


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