A Chatsworth Country Fair haul and wishlist

Welcome to my Chatsworth Country Fair haul post!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about how I planned to spend my day at Chatsworth Country Fair. I can confirm that the day went almost exactly as I anticipated.  We had to treat it as a top secret mission.  Google asked if we’d be going last year and we had to tell a little fib to protect out adult-only trip.  Actually we told a BIG fib.  We said it was cancelled.  We’re not awful parents.  We just had a bad experience last year and wanted a proper look around.  It was for the best really.  We did an awful lot of walking. She’d never have coped and I would have missed out on most of the things.


I absolutely LOVE all the stalls at Chatsworth Country Fair.  We’d only been there a few minutes when I started to see a multitude of beautiful items I’d have loved to take home with me. Sadly, I couldn’t afford to buy everything that caught my eye but I did pick up a few little treats:

M & J Woodworks


First up we bought these really cute little fairies, from a company I think was called M and J Woodworks.  (It become quite difficult to keep track of all the different stalls after a while.  The fairies were a little present for the kids, to make up for not taking them, but we think we’re going to save them until closer to Christmas before we hand them over.  If it’s the correct stall I’m thinking of, they also had beautiful desk calendars and puzzle boxes that I would have loved to buy if I could.

Gifts Kingdom Ltd


This stall was full of beautiful gifts and ornaments, mostly with a Christmas theme.  There were snow globes, musical ornaments and advent calendars.  We couldn’t resist buying this musical carousel to add to the girls’ Christmas hamper.  Bug is fascinated with carousels at the moment so it seemed really appropriate.  I can’t wait to see it in proud of place among our Christmas decorations.

Birdhouse Tea Company


The ladies on the Birdhouse Tea Company stall were so friendly.  Their products were beautifully displayed  – I loved all the little jars showing the variety of teas.  They recommended I try their Duchess Georgiana Earl Grey tea, which combines my love of Earl Grey and Chatsworth history.  After making a pot of this at home, I can confirm that it is beautiful.  I don’t normally like teas that are too fragrant, but this one is a definite winner.  I’ll definitely be going back for more.

Chatsworth Orangery Shop.


The weather took a little turn for the worst over lunchtime so we decided to head over to the Stables to have a look around the shops and get some lunch.  I had an afternoon tea, which I’ll be reviewing fully in a later post.  After a walk around the house I headed to my all-time favourite Chatsworth shop – The Orangery.  Literally everything in there is amazing and I want it all.  I was very restrained and only bought this coaster and tray from the Lucy Loveheart collection.  I already have a few items from this range and I’m slowly working on completing my collection!

Although these things were the only items I actually decided to purchase, there were tons more that I would have loved to buy if money were no object.  I thought I’d share a few of the stalls that would feature on my “Wish I Could Have Bought” list.

Leaf Jewellery

I already own one piece of beautiful, electroplated leaf jewellery that I purchased from this same stall at the fair a couple of years ago.   I would have loved to buy a second piece, maybe a different leaf in a different colour.  All of the pieces are so individual.  The wedding headpieces were particularly eye catching.  Sadly, it did seem a little self-indulgent to buy something so similar to what I already have.  maybe next year?

Gemmeus Historical Jewellery


These two ladies from Gemmeus were absolutely fascinating and I could have happily stood and chatted to them for hours.  Nicky (the lady on the left of the picture) handcrafts stunning pieces of jewellery, both original and replicated from pieces throughout history.  She was worked on high profile jobs, such as costume design for BBC’s Wolf Hall and is currently helping to provide the embellishments for an actual suit of armour.  Mr Mess very, very kindly offered to treat me to a sapphire and pearl pendant for £200, but I couldn’t accept.  To be honest, I think I’d be terrified at owning anything that precious. Maybe for a special birthday or anniversary treat one day??

Derbyshire Mushroom Co.


Ok, so this is a bit of a strange one but Mr Mess really does love his mushrooms!  Even I had to admit that the selection the Derbyshire Mushroom Co. had on display looked pretty exotic.  Mr Mess chose not to buy any on this occasion, due to overstocked cupboards, but I hope we see them at another fair in the future so Mr Mess can cook up some tasty treats.

Celtic Spirit Co.


It’s a good job we didn’t spend too long standing by this stall as I think we might both have come away a little tipsy.    The ladies on the stall very kindly let us sample a few of their delicious spirits.  Mr Mess sampled a variety of their flavoured brandies and whiskies while I tried their “Ferrero Rocher” cream liquor.  They were all divine and I’d definitely think of buying some for my Christmas tipple!

Rydale Countrywear


Every single time I go to the Chatsworth Country Fair, I see the ladies in their tweed jackets or Barbour coats with their riding boots and think “I need to get me some of those”.  I’m probably about as far from a “country girl” as you could imagine, but I really love the look. There are lots of stalls that offer clothes at the fair, but Rydale is certainly one of the biggest.  It’s never been the right time to buy somethg before but maybe I can spend some Christmas money on their online store before the NEXT County Fair.

English Country Vintage


I’m not sure if my budget will ever allow me to order a bespoke vintage dress, but if it does I’ll definitely be contacting English Country Vintage for a quote.  Their stall was full of beautiful vintage dresses, both day and evening.  The pink floral one in the top left of the photo was particularly stunning and detailed – I’m sure it would look fabulous at a special occasion.

And I think that’s your lot.  There were obviously hundreds of other stalls and I couldn’t possibly mention all of them, but this is just a small selection of the companies that grabbed my interest.

Did you go to Chatsworth County Fair?  What was your favourite part?  Were there any stalls that particularly stood out for you?





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