A Dressfo Vintage Dress Review

I was recently contacted by a company called DressFo, asking me if I would consider working with them.  I had an initial glance at their website and decided I was very interested indeed.  There was a wide choice of clothes, in a range of styles to suit everyone.  I wrote a wish list post displaying my top picks from the website and DressFo very kindly offered to send me one of the dresses.  I naturally chose the Vintage Sweetheart Floral Dress that I had fallen in love with.  I tried to link to the actual dress page, but I kept getting a Page Not Found message.  I’ve linked instead to the Vintage Dress section which will lead you to this dress and many more like it.


I wasn’t exactly sure of which size to choose.  Some dresses can size a little small, so after checking the measurements carefully I opted to go one size bigger than I usually would.  I thought at least if it didn’t fit I would get the opportunity to test out their returns policy.  As it happens, that really wasn’t necessary.


My dress arrived about two weeks after ordered, which I thought was pretty reasonable considering it came from overseas.  It fit really nicely and wasn’t too tight or clingy.  The fabric is actually quite stretchy, which gives a little more room.  I possibly could have gotten away with the next size down but as it is I’m happy to have something to wear that’s comfortable and doesn’t cut off my circulation!


The fabric is a little thinner than I expected but that actually works in its favour.. A lot of my other swing dresses are quite heavy, so they can be too warm to wear in the summer. This dress will be lovely and airy.


I absolutely love the pattern. I felt like a vintage princess walking around the village, trying to find suitable places for this photo shoot.  (Even if I did get a few funny looks from dog walkers at 9am on a Sunday morning wearing my stilettos in a field!)


In these photos, I wore my black petticoat underneath the dress to add volume and help give the dress more shape. I probably wouldn’t do that on ordinary day as the petticoat kept getting in my way and the dress doesn’t really need it.  Still, it was nice to experiment with different ways of styling the dress.  I’m also thinking of finding a wide, white belt to cinch in the waist even further.  (It’s all about the hourglass, darling!)



This dress can currently be found on the DressFo website for £21.26, which is ridiculously good value in my opinion.  They also offer free delivery worldwide which makes it even more appealing.





Overall, I’m extremely happy with the dress and don’t really have a bad word to say. If you love dresses, or just clothes in general, I would definitely recommend you pop over to the website and have a look at what’s on offer. I know I’ll certainly be ordering from them again in the future. They’ve just announced their Autumn collection on the website so there’s even more for me to choose from!


If/when I do buy another dress from DressFo, I’ll be sure to show you that one as well! Mr Mess and I had such fun taking these photos – there are plenty of outtakes I’ll be sure to show you one day.  As a sneak peek, here’s an after shot of me walking home – minus my white high heels!


This post includes products which have been gifted to me for review purposes.

All views and opinions are my own. 

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