7 TV shows you HAVE to watch on Netflix

Netflix is seriously slaying it right now. Like, I can almost forgive them for the £2 price increase as they currently have some incredible content. Everytime I mourn the end of an amazing programme, I quickly find another to binge-watch and I’m happy again.

I thought I’d share with you my top programmes that you REALLY should be watching on Netflix RIGHT NOW! I have quite an eclectic taste, so hopefully there will be something for everyone.

Stranger Things

This is the current Netflix show that is taking the internet by storm.  It’s popping up all over my Twitter and Facebook feeds, so if you don’t already watch this then you really should start.  It’s set in the 80’s and it is filmed so well that if I didn’t know it wasn’t really filmed 20 years ago, I’d never believe it.  It tells the story of a town that experiences some pretty strange occurrences, and along the way pays homage to multiple sci-fi and horror films.  Warning: if you’re a wimp like me you may choose to watch from behind a cushion!


I hate zombie stuff.  I didn’t use to.  Resident Evil was one of my fave horror films growing up.  However, recently they’ve really started to bother me.  I have literal nightmares.  So when Mr Mess suggested this I was dubious.  Turns out he was right!  I absolutely love it.  The show starts with the main character, Liv, finding out that she is a zombie who must eat human brains to retain her sanity.  She starts working in a morgue and using her new zombie powers she helps to solve the murders of the bodies she works on.  It may sound weird but it’s actually awesome.  The script is dramatic and funny and heart-wrenching all in one.  Give it a go!

Don’t trust the B in apartment 23

I watched a few episodes of this series years ago and quite liked it, but never really thought anything of it.  The other day on Netflix I started watching it again, but didn’t it would be Mr Mess’ cup of tea.  I assumed I’d be watching this alone.  As it happens, he really enjoys it too and we have another great show to watch together.  This is a comedy sit-com series about two flatmates, one of whom is a bit sociopathic.  The humour is sarcastic and pretty dark, so if you’re easily offended this might not be for you.  If you’re a little twisted like me, you’ll love it!

Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Another suggestion from Mr Mess and another total win! Sometimes our taste in comedy can be quite different but he sold this one to me when he told me it had musical numbers.  Everyone knows I can’t resist a good musical.  The credits video tells the premise of the show far better than I ever could, so I’ll let you watch that and get the gist.

I have to say I love this show.  It is hilariously funny and also incredibly moving.  It handles the subject of mental health starkly and yet sensitively, using some pretty dark comedy at times to make some serious points about depression and anxiety.  Mr Mess has had his own experiences with mental health issues and remarked that he found this one of the most honest depictions he’s seen.  The musical numbers are extremely well written, as well as being hilariously funny.

So, that’s my top choices.  However, Mr Mess wanted to share a few of his recommendations too.  His taste in comedy is sometimes a little “out there” for my liking.


Mr Mess loves this animated comedy series due to it’s filthy humour and quotable one-liners.  It also boasts some action sequences that are better than in Hollywood movies.  I have to admit, I have watched a few episodes of this and found them hilarious, although if you are offended easily you may want to give it a wide berth!

Lady Dynamite

Lady Dynamite is the semi-autobiographical comedy series written by and starring Maria Bamford (and her pugs!)  It gives a brutally honest depiction of mental health issues, with surreal and hilarious humour.  I really, really tried to get into this series, but it just isn’t my cup of tea.  Mr Mess, on the other hand, loved it and watched the whole first series in record time.  It does feature a cameo from Dean Cain though – so that’s a definite point in its favour!

Comedy Bang Bang

I literally don’t know how to start describing this show.  It’s in the format of a chat show, but actually features bizarre, character-driven comedy.  It features many recognisable comedians and actors, with a new face every week.  There have even been appearances from John Hamm, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks ( love her!) and Anna Kendrick.  This is very much an acquired taste, but if you like your comedy a little “off the wall” then this might be just right for you.

So there are our must-see shows from Netflix at the moment.  And they’re adding more every day!  I need to catch up on Pretty Little Liars (just so I can keep up with the chats on Twitter) and also need to watch Gilmore Girls as I may be the only person in the world who hasn’t already seen it!

Have you recently watched any of these shows?  Do you share our opinions?  Or do you have any other recommendations for me?  I’m always on the look out for more binge-worthy shows!

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