My birthday haul

I’ll tell you something – It’s days like today that I could really do with that Youtube channel that I mentioned in this recent post.  This whole “birthday haul” process would be a damn sight easier on video than it is on a blog.  Having said that, I don’t have a Youtube channel and have no immediate plans to start one, so you’re just going to have to bear with me…

If you didn’t know, my birthday was at the end of July and I spent the weekend at various birthday celebrations.  As is common at these kinds of events, I was given lots and lots of lovely gifts.  Now, I know that I’m probably too old to be excited about presents and it makes me a nasty consumer sheep but I can’t help it!  There’s something really exciting about being given something that has been bought with you in mind.  It’s also a great way to figure out who people thing you are, based on what gift they choose for you.

Plus I love stuff.  So sue me!


Firstly I received lots of new books.  I received Outlander by Diana Gabaldon and On The Other Side by Carrie Hope Fletcher, both of which I’ve been wanting to read for a while now. I absolutely love reading, but I just haven’t found the time or drive recently to pick up a new book. Hopefully these will help change that as I now have lots of good stories to look forward to. With some of my birthday money, I also bought two Disney books and The Night Circus (Which I’ve already finished and LOVED! – I’ll be writing a review at some point – watch this space!)


I have been secretly obsessing over the latest fad of Pop Funko figures for ages, and it looks like all of my not-so-subtle hint dropping paid off as I received quite a little collection for my birthday. My friends from work bought me Batman and Elsa (which shows just how diverse my interests are!).  Mr Mess bought me Jessica Rabbit which is appropriate on so many levels! She’s one of my favourite characters ever!  I’ll be adding to my collection in September as I have a few special ones on pre-order but they’re a secret until they arrive 😉


Even though our house is full to the brim with cuddly toys, I have had my eye on the Disney Tsum Tsums for a while now.  I put a few of them on my Amazon wish list and Mr Mess very kindly bought me Pascal, as I’ve been saying for a while now that I love that little chameleon but I don’t have a cuddly version yet!  He’s small and super cute (even if Bug does say he looks a bit grumpy) and now all I need to do is go out and get him a few little friends!


I have been complaining for a while now of being rather short on summer clothing (mainly due to piling weight on!), so my mum very kindly offered to take me on a birthday shopping trip.  We spent over £90 in Primark, which I hadn’t even realised was possible, but I do now HAVE lots to choose from this summer.  I particularly love Primark for their film/tv merchandise and stocked up on these awesome T-shirts.  I could have bought more, but I’m not sure where I’d put them all!


My sisters are all acquainted with my love for all things vintage, so they gave me a lovely selection of gifts for around the home that fit in perfectly with my style.  There was this delightful vintage tea cup and saucer (to add to my ever-growing collection), these Yankee Candel miniatures (the tangerine and vanilla one is divine) and a really cute slogan frame saying “It is the little moments that make life beautiful”, which I am currently deciding where it should hang in my house.


My mother-in-law always gives me some pennies to spend for my birthday, but she’s usually incredibly generous and also buys me a little gift as well.  This year it was this toiletries set with a selection of lotions and potions in a really cute spotty bag! The bag has been adopted as my new make-up bag as it’s so pretty and the toiletries smell AMAZING!


With the aforementioned birthday money, I decided to treat myself to a new Cath Kinston bag – my absolute favourite range!  I’d spotted this one in the online sale but it was sold out – horror!  Luckily I found it in the window of the Meadowhall store IN THE SALE and I pounced!  It was half price and cost just £26 so it’s beautiful AND a bargain.

Last but not least I got yet MORE pennies, some of which have been spent and some I’m saving for a spree later in the month.  Mr Mess also bought me 2 Toffee Crisp bars as he knows they are my chocolate of choice.  They didn’t last very long!

And that concludes my birthday haul (I think, I hope I haven’t missed anything off!)  Thank you again to everyone who generously gave me a gift, card or even just wished me a happy birthday.  You all made my day very special indeed.  I’m a lucky girl!

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