July review/August goals

Damnit!  I wrote this post yesterday and never actually got around to posting it – can we pretend it’s still Monday 1st August?  Pretty please?

Can we just stop for a moment and gasp in astonishment that today is the FIRST of August and I am actually posting my July review and August goals!!! Can I get a “Yee-haw?!”

I’m sorry – I have no idea where that outburst came from.  Moving swiftly on…

Before I properly start this, I really need to wish my best friend a very happy wedding anniversary.  Seeing as I forgot to mention her birthday, or her daughter’s birthday, I thought it would be nice to show I’m not actually a rubbish friend.  So, Happy Anniversary Faith and Ben.  Is it 7 years now?? Here’s to plenty more to follow…

Anyway, let’s not stall anymore:

July was a pretty busy month (aren’t they all) featuring lots of birthday celebrations, a hen party and a few nights out.  It was also the end of term at school which is great for some and hectic for the rest of us.  While the majority of school staff have vanished for the next six weeks (looking at you, teachers), I’m still in work until August 5th frantically preparing for the new academic year.  Still, this is pretty much my favourite time of year as it is very quiet and there are little to no interruptions – bliss!

It was a pretty successful month for the blog as I was very surprised to see I beat June’s views by about 100 views! (which is a huge amount to me!)  I published 13 posts, which is exactly the same as in June, so I can only assume that a little extra promotion on social media went quite a long way.  My 3 most popular posts in July were:

Moogle’s Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Theatre Review: The Pantaloons’ The Canterbury Tales

Dear Diary: Can you really have it all?

I’m really looking forward to August.  At the end of this week I finally get to break up for my holiday and then I have lots of exciting things planned.  I’ve got an afternoon tea, yet more theatre trips, a spa day and a mini-break coming up which is going to be awesome!!

In terms of goals, I’d really like to get back to organising the house as I’ve been a bit lax lately (ok – I’ve been a lot lax lately).  There’s lots of stuff I’m certain I could clear out (to probably make room for yet more stuff) and we have a BIG garden project planned. Which is very exciting.

Over on the blog, I’d really like to keep going in the direction we have been.  I’m really pleased with how the blog is growing and developing and I’d like to try and keep up the momentum.  I said in a previous post that I’m scheduling at least 4 posts a week, which would take me up to 16 posts this month.  This might be a little tricky when we go away for a few days but if I’m super organised I think I can pull it off.

More than anything else, I’d like to try and spend some serious quality time with my family, especially with my girls,.  They’re constantly asking me to play games, do crafts and watch films with them, so I’m intending on making some SERIOUS effort to be more proactive with them while I’m on my holidays.

Other than that, it’s just rest and relax time for me in August before the madness of the new school year starts in September!

I’ll back at the end of August with another review and goals post.  See you then!

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