16 Reasons I’d rather be playing The Sims right now

I’m not going to lie – I’m a funny kind of adult.

I may be a mum of two, with a full time, responsible job but secretly I’m stuck at about age 14 and I’ve never truly grown up.

I always get my head stuck in a book when I should be getting ready for work, I’d rather watch Sofia the First than Emmerdale and when I should be doing housework I’d much rather be playing The Sims.

Mr Mess describes The Sims as a dollhouse for grownups (which seems worse written down than when he says it).  He’ll sometimes comment on the fact that I neglect him because I’m too busy playing with our virtual family.  So, to try and justify my Sim addiction, here are 16 reasons why I’d rather be playing The Sims right now.

1) Forget stressful job interviews – two clicks on your computer and you’re on your way to your dream job!  Plus, you get a promotion (and a raise) every few days.

2) No more dieting!  Spend five minutes doing star jumps in front of the TV and literally watch your waistline spring back into shape!

3) Change your appearance in a matter of seconds.  Stand in front of a dresser and spin around (a la Superman) and you could be sporting a whole new look, from hair to makeup to a cute new outfit!

4) Spinning in a circle isn’t just for changing clothes.  You can also do it to avoid those 12 hour labours and 3 day stays in hospital.  A tiny bundle of joy will literally fall from the skies and drop into your arms.

5) You know that person who absolutely gets on your last nerve?  Deal with them once and for all by removing the steps from the swimming pool, setting them on fire or, if you’re feeling particularly brutal, lure them to a room and remove all of the doors.  You may call it creepy, I call it therapy.

6) Redecorating your whole house doesn’t have to take weeks.  Just enter build mode and drag and drop your new furniture into place.  Oh, and don’t forget that undo button if you change your mind about that rocket ship wallpaper!

7) Why choose between one hobby or talent when you can have them all?  Learn to play chess, repair your shower and sculpt all in a matter of hours.

8) I can finally fulfil my dream of being a witch….

9) Raising children in Simville is a doddle and takes a matter of days.  All you have to do is teach them to walk, talk and use a potty and before you know it, they’re a teenager who can hold down a job and look after your younger kids for you!

10) Cleaning the house from top to bottom takes a matter of minutes.  Queue that sim up and watch her go!!

11) You really can have it all – be a top gardener, ghost hunter, mother of six and a celebrity chef if you want to be.  The sky is the limit!

12) Forget about guessing someone’s emotions – little mood bars tell you exactly what they’re feeling and what you need to do to sort them out!

13) Fulfil all of those celebrity obsessions – impress them in three conversations and you’re best friends!

14) No need to worry about a fear of flying or long travel times.  Pick up the phone and one loading screen later you’re on the holiday of your dreams.

15) Who wouldn’t love to earn points for being happy which you can then spend on boosts and treats to improve your character and personality?

16)And let’s not forget – the motherlode cheat.  What I wouldn’t give for one of those in real life?

Thinking about it, The Sims really do have it made.  And all this talk about the game has made me really itch to log on.  So I’m going to love you and leave you and head to to my little virtual world where I control everything and I am worshipped as a God.

Thanks to www.jennyinneverland.com for the inspiration to write this post. I’ve been playing The Sims for almost 20 years but I never would have thought to write a blog post about them if I hadn’t read her post here



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