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Just in case I haven’t already mentioned it – it’s my birthday this month.  15 days and counting!  Not like I still get stupidly excited over birthdays or anything.  You’d think that the shine would wear off a bit after 31 years, but it hasn’t.  I’m like a child.

Of course, birthdays inevitably lead to the dilemma of what gift to buy.  Now, I like to think I am remarkably easy to buy for as I love almost everything.  Plus, I did a post the other day about my Amazon wish list which had plenty of ideas. However, just in case anyone reading this is still in need of a little inspiration, allow me to give you a shameless list of things I might like to unwrap on my birthday.

LINDY BOP DRESS – It has been absolutely ages since I last treated myself to a new dress from my favourite online store, Lindy Bop.  I haven’t cracked and ordered anything since May, and that includes the recent sale period where I had to forcibly stop myself from going near their website (even if they do send me emails EVERY day telling me about the new sale items!! Sob!)  It was a struggle, I’m not going to lie.  So, I think I am WELL overdue for something nice to wear.  There are so many beautiful items to choose from and here are some of my particular favourites.


PAPERCHASE VOUCHERS – I have written before about my serious stationery addiction, but I have been UBER restrained recently and I think I might have conquered it.  Still, I do absolutely love notebooks, pens, clips, stickers, anything like that, so you really can’t go wrong with stationery based items.  The girlier the better.  If in doubt, just get me a wad of Paperchase vouchers and let me loose!


THEATRE ROYAL VOUCHERS – Since getting my Royal Centre membership card for Christmas, I have booked a fair few theatre trips for the rest of the year. (I lost count after the first 6).  There are already a few more shows I’d love to go and see, but realistically I am going to have to be more careful with which I book, so any donations towards my theatre addiction are gratefully accepted.  (Plus it gives me something to blog about, so it’s a double present!)

LUSH – There was a time when my bathroom would be fully stocked with  a variety of Lush products.  Sadly, those days are no more and now all you’ll find on the side of my bath is Aldi bath bubbles.  The bath bombs and bars are my absolute favourite, so you can’t go wrong if buying me some of those, but I am always excited to try their more original items too!


SUBSCRIPTION BOX – It kind of seems like subscription boxes are everywhere at the moment.  There are boxes for beauty products, nail varnishes, book lovers, charm bracelets and pretty much everything else you can think of.  I never really think I can justify spending the money on them, but I do think they would make an awesome present.  The few I’ve spotted that looked particularly interesting were:


BLOGOSPHERE SUBSCRIPTION – On a similar theme to the previous item, I’ve recently discovered a magazine aimed at bloggers called Blogosphere!  Unfortunately I haven’t managed to find it in any of my local magazine stores recently, so a subscription would mean I’d never have to miss out on a copy!


DISNEY COUTURE JEWELLERY – A long time ago, I put some Disney Couture jewellery on my Amazon wishlist.  I kinda forgot about it, but recently saw it again and fell in love again.  Every piece is stunning!  Plus, it’s all Disney themed (obvs), so it’s perfect for me.  It’s a little more expensive than I would usually spend on my jewellery (although by no means ridiculously priced) so it would be the perfect thing to get as a gift.

I could probably go on and on as I always have a list as long as my arm of stuff I want, even if I do admit that I really didn’t need any of it.  Still, that’s kinda what birthdays are for and ultimately I do love the surprise of getting something that I might not have bought for myself.

What would be on your wish list?  Do you consider yourself easy to buy for or are you a gift-finder’s nightmare?

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  1. Erin says:

    Hi Stacey, first of all Happy Birthday in advance!! I would say go for the dress because that gift is more and most useful compare to others. Jewellery can be second best but if I was in your place definitely dress is what I love to unwrap on my birthday. Good luck dear hopefully my advice will help you.

    • Stacey says:

      Thanks! I’m definitely thinking a new dress is in order – you’re right that it’s the gift I’ll probably get the most use out out. As for the rest, I’m just going to wait to see what I’m lucky enough to be given! Thanks for reading!

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