June Review/July Goals

All together now…June is busting out all over! Well, to be more exact, it’s busted out and vanished into thin air as we are now firmly ensconced in July.  Lordy, this year is flying by isn’t it?

I had quite a slow start to the beginning of June.  In fact, I’m sort of struggling to remember what we did between June 1st and June 20th!  But after that is was busy, busy, busy.  The biggest event by far was Moogle’s 6th birthday, which I have written extensively about in previous posts. I also managed to accidentally double-book her theatre performance weekend with her birthday party weekend.  So that just added to the chaos.

Things have been pretty steady on the blog. My stats for June were marginally lower than the ones for May, although I did publish 13 blog posts over the course of the month.  I do think part of the reason for the slight dip was a lack of social media activity. mainly because I was tied up with party planning and work.

My top 3 blog posts in June were:

Dear Diary: About Marriage

Dear Diary: Father’s Day

Hoar Cross Hall: A Spa and Hotel Review

Although the birthday preparations and family functions didn’t leave a lot of time for housework, I did manage to make some serious headway on our playroom.  I’ve been trying to create the perfect hobby/playroom for a couple of years now, but it’s always been just a huge junk dumping area.  After Moogle’s birthday I had to try and find some place for the new presents and that was a perfect excuse to do some organising.  I didn’t completely get it finished, but I did make progress and that’s enough for me.  Hopefully I’ll get it finished before Christmas and then can finally do the blog post I’ve been planning since 2013!

So, what does July hold in store?  First and foremost it is my birthday month!  I’m not planning nearly as many celebrations as I did for my 30th yesterday, but I still do need to find something nice to do.  (That doesn’t cost a lot of money!

Hopefully July will be a little calmer, allowing me to catchup on blogging stuff.  I’ve got a few draft posts that need finishing and I need to finish the Dorkface Social Media Challenge.  It kinda got put on the back burner in June.  I wrote 13 posts in June, and I very much doubt I’ll be able to beat that but I would like to reach a steady, consistent level of blogging.  Plus, I really need to get back into some Twitter chats – I haven’t done one in ages and I miss them!

So that’s that.  2016 is halfway over, which is frankly terrifying! At least it’s the summer holidays soon!  I desperately need some wind-down time!

See you all soon!

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