Life through an iPhone lens – One hectic week!

What a week!

I honestly don’t think I could have crammed any more into last week if I’d tried.  It felt like my feet barely touched the floor.  I had planned on writing this post on Sunday night, but to be honest I was so knackered that it’s taken me two days just to build up enough energy to type a single word, let alone a whole blog post.

I will be writing more detailed posts on some of the events from last week, but for now here is a brief roundup of everything that happened, as seen through my iPhone photo gallery.



A Night at the Races: Monday night was my Dad’s birthday so the whole family headed out to the greyhound racing for a joint birthday party for Dad and Moogle.

It was a great evening for the whole family, Bug absolutely loved watching the doggies chase the rabbit and Moogle got very excited when her dog won – even if her total winnings only came to about 50p!





Midsummer Night’s Biscuits – We’re still in the progress of finding more family traditions and I think we’ve found another keeper.  On Midsummer’s Eve, we made some very simple vanilla biscuits (well – Mr Mess made the dough) and then the girls had lots of fun covering the biscuits (and themselves) in icing and sprinkles!  When they were done we left them outside for the fairies  The next morning the girls were very excited to see the biscuits were gone and all that was left were crumbs, fairy dust and a Frozen surprise egg.  Apparently even the fairies have bought into consumerism.



IMG_2597Moogle’s Birthday – On Wednesday, my eldest princess turned 6! I can’t believe how quickly the years are flying past and she seems to become more mature every single day.

We opened her presents in the morning, she took sweeties to school in the day and then, in the evening we headed to Grandma’s for a special birthday tea.





Birthday cake baking – Thursday saw the start of cake preparation in earnest.  Moogle had ordered a three-tier, topsy-turvy, Alice-In-Wonderland themed cake and I knew it was going to take some serious work – possibly my biggest challenge ever.

It took me three days (and an awful lot of help from my sister) but I think it was really worth the effort.  And you’ll have to wait until my post on Moogle’s party to see the finished product.







A trip to Chatsworth – If the week up to this point had been busy, then the weekend was totally ridiculous. Saturday kicked off with an adults only trip to Chatsworth to check out their “Florabundance” flower display, followed by an afternoon tea.  The house looked magnificent and I’ll be doing a full post with tons of photos over the next few days.






An evening with The Pantaloons – Saturday evening was one I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. The Pantaloon’s production of “The Canterbury Tales”.  I’ll be writing a full review of the play as soon as I can remember how to string a sentence together.




One of the things I particularly love about The Pantaloon’s Summer season is that we get to sit outside, snuggled up in a blanket, watching a fantastic show while nibbling my way through a delicious picnic.  This year, I set Mr Mess the task of preparing our picnic as I was busy getting Moogle to her latest show.


He certainly didn’t disappoint.  We had a veritable feast of cheese, meats, olives, crisps, cous cous, quiche – even the cutest little boiled quails eggs!    But enough of all that – all this talk of picnics and cake is making me hungry!






A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – Sunday was the day of the big birthday party, as well as the final performance of Moogle’s Pinocchio show.  It was an absolutely amazing day, filled with wonderful memories, but I was exhausted by the end.  Once we were all home and the kids were  tucked up in bed, I collapsed on the sofa and didn’t even have the energy to drink my tea!  You can see all of the fabulous details of Moogle’s party in a post coming up in the next few days.

And that brings us to the end of my manic week recap.  It’s crazy to think that I managed to cram so much into just seven days.  I loved each and every moment, but I could use a holiday to recover.

And now I need to go get started on those posts that I mentioned above.

See you soon!

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