Dorkface Social Media Challenge Days 8 – 14

Last week I mentioned that I was attempting to follow the Dorkface 30 day social media challenge. My last post covered my progress from Day 1 up to Day 7. You can catch up and read all about it here.

Today I’m going to be rounding up my social media challenges from Day 8 – Day 14. (And no, I definitely did not finish all of these 10 minutes ago before posting this – maybe. No comment.)

Day 8: Have a 1 hour explore of Bloglovin. I do love Bloglovin but I spend so long sorting my own blog out that I hardly ever seem to get the time to sit down and scroll through my Bloglovin feed. I end up with a back log of thousands of posts that I haven’t read and possibly never will. This week I got a coffee (and maybe some snacks) and dedicated one whole hour (give or take) to reading other peoples posts, commenting where appropriate and clearing out some of that backlog. I also made the bold decision to unfollow a few blogs. There was nothing against these blogs, but they were the ones where I skipped over almost all of their posts. It’s better to be honest that I’m not going to read them and save the time for blogs I actually enjoy.

Day 9: Do one DIY from Pinterest. I’m putting this one on hold until next week. I’m currently in the process of planning Moogle’s 6th birthday party and so I really don’t have the time to do any unrelated DIY. However, I will need to start planning her cake this weekend, and I’m sure Pinterest will come into its element then. I always use it for cake and party inspiration.

Day 10: 10 retweets and promote a friend. I mentioned in my post about Twitter yesterday that it’s really easy to get carried away and spend endless hours mindlessly scrolling through your Twitter feed. I like to think I’m pretty good at sharing the love on Twitter as I will regularly retweet other people’s blogs or posts and recommend them to my followers. However, I don’t think you can support each other enough, so I’ve made sure today to retweet AT LEAST 10 other people, not just blog posts but also funny or serious tweets. I’ve also got another “Blog Crush” post scheduled (it was supposed to go live on Saturday but I had technical issues) so I’ll be promoting another friend very soon!

Day 11: Catchup on Snapchat and comment. I still really don’t get Snapchat. It just does nothing for me. Plus I had to randomly unfollow a girl yesterday for no other reason than she has a pet snake and I CANNOT tolerate those pictures popping up on my phone. I nearly had a heart attack! And I literally didn’t even know you could comment on Snapchat pictures! Still, in the spirit of the challenge I’ve scrolled through the handful of people I follow

Day 12: Periscope I don’t currently have a Periscope account and I have pretty much no intention of doing any Periscope filming any time soon. However, someone I follow was using Periscope the other day and I really wanted to watch his video so I have downloaded the app and set up an account. I’ll mainly be using it for watching videos, rather than creating them, but hey – it’s a start!

Day 13: Youtube I’m still nowhere near ready to commit to a Youtube channel so this is a day of rest for me.

Day 14: Post 3 pictures that make you happy on Instagram I’d like to think that all the pictures I post on Instagram make me happy. The very fact that I’ve picked them means they must be something I care about. If you follow me, you will have noticed that today I have made a special effort to post three things that made me happy and explain a little why they are special to me. (One of them is about cake, so I feel it requires no explanation)  If you want to see what the photos were, you need to head over to my Instagram.

Woohoo! Week 2 of the Social Media challenge completed. Yes, I may have had to make a mad rush to get all of the tasks done by the time this post was due, but I’ve still done them all and I think I’m seeing benefits. My Twitter and Instagram followers are definitely still gradually growing. (Even if I do feel a slight stab of jealousy when I see people like “Oo- I’m nearly at 10k!” At this rate, I’ll join them around the time I’m 60!) Still, it’s good to have something to aim for!

Join me next week for Days 15-21!

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