My latest Lindy Bop purchase

I love Lindy Bop dresses. Have I mentioned that before?  Maybe just a few times.  I especially love them when they’re on sale. Their sales are just ridiculous!! There are tons of items up to 70% off.  So when they announced their most recent sale, even though I had sworn not to spend any money for a while, I just had to go and pick up a few little treats.

In what is possibly my first official “outfit” post, I’m going to show you a couple of the items I picked up (I haven’t even tried the rest on yet).  Oh yeah, and this is the hardest post I’ve ever had to do because I HATE photos of myself.  So, editing this post is like a living nightmare…  Still, I’m sucking it in and I’m getting on with it.



Dress –‘Jennah’ Burgundy Polka Dot Swing Dress – £30 (Bought for £9 in sale)

Cardigan – ‘Flora’ Cream Cardigan – £17 (Bought for £7 in sale)



Now, I love all of my Lindy Bop dresses, but this one is set to be a firm favourite.  I find the Lindy Bop dresses are usually true to their sizing.  I’m normally a 12-14 (although I’m leaning rather heavily on the 14 side at the moment) and so I bought this dress in a size 14 and it fits like a glove.

Also, it has a sweetheart neckline – which is good for us ladies who have a little more bosom that we like to show off.  (Believe me, when your USP is that you’re a curvy girl, it’s annoying when dresses aren’t cut to flatter and display those curves)  Most of my Lindy Bop dresses are high-necked which puts the “Jennah” just a little ahead of the rest of the pack.

My justification for buying this dress is that it looked nice and cool, ready for Summer.  The material is probably a little think for it to be a true summer dress, but at least it has a scrappy top so should be a little cooler than my other dresses.  I’ll definitely be packing it when  I go on my hols in August.


Told you it was good for the cleavage


This is my first Lindy Bop cardigan and I really feel like I might need to buy all of them.  Not only is it lovely and soft, it’s also pretty and versatile.  I could wear this on a nice day out, at work or just casually slobbing around the house.

As well as these two items, I also bought another dress and some high waisted shorts, but I haven’t had a chance to wear those yet.  I’ll try and take lots of piccies when I do, but I can’t guarantee that the setting will be anywhere as nice as Hoar Cross Hall.  (You can see my review of our recent stay – here)

Well, ta-ra for now.  Thanks for reading!


Mr Mess does love his jaunty angles!!

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