Dorkface Social Media Challenge – 7 Day review

Who doesn’t love a good challenge?  Whether it’s a challenge for blogging, exercise, reading, photography – you name it, I love it.  I do sometimes struggle to stick to them, but that’s another matter entirely.

So it was almost pre-destined that as I was crushing on all the lovely blog posts on (Read about my stalker tendancies – here), I would stumble across her 30 day social media challenge and decide to give it a go.

I’m not going to list what each of the daily challenges are – you can always read Dorkface’s original post here if you want all of the juicy details.  But I am going to do a weekly roundup where I talk about how I’ve been getting on with the challenge.  Without further ado, let’s get started on Days 1-7

1. Pinterest Tidy Up: I used to use Pinterest A LOT but it was mainly for personal inspiration and not for blogging promotion. It’s been on my to-do list for a long time to get more pro with how I use Pinterest and so I used this opportunity to declutter some of my existing boards and tart up the ones I’m keeping.  I’m now going to try and incorporate Pinterest into my social media checklist, to try and optimise how I use it – you can follow my progress here and don’t forget to send me your links in the comments below!

2. Twitter chats: I have tried to be much more “social” on Twitter recently and have been involved in a number of Twitter chats and events. I absolutely loved #TheGirlGang’s movie night and can’t wait for the next one on the 19th June (It’s Clueless – on of my all-time favourite films!). I try and pop in regularly to #thegirlgang chat and also chats with #lbloggers, #30plusblogs and #disneybloggers.  I’m sure there are plenty of other great ones, but it’s hard to find time to fit them all in!  I have noticed a massive boost in Twitter engagement since I started the chats so I’ll definitely be keeping up with them.  Not only do they help network my blog, but I’m having fun and getting to know other bloggers too!  Win, win!

3. Instagram: Instagram is probably the social media I am best at interacting with – I find it so quick and easy, even with all the controversy surrounding the new algorithm. I regularly like photos in my feed and try to leave comments whenever I have the time. I’m also always scrounging around for new people to follow.  You can follow me over at or leave me a link below if you think I should pop over and have a look at your account.

4. Snapchat: Not gonna lie. I really don’t get Snapchat.  After seeing lots of bloggers reference it and use it, I have set up an account and added a few people to my friends list, but I’m still really not seeing the point.  I don’t have time in the day to constantly be uploading photos to Snapchat and now that I have a data limit (a poxy 500mb! Boo!) I basically can’t use my phone for any blogging stuff at all.  Still, in the spirt of the challenge I’ve followed a few more bloggers on there and if anyone has a post on how they use Snapchat I would love to read it.

5. Youtube: I’m sorry but I’m barely keeping on top of the blog and social media that I already have- it seems like an act of madness to attempt to take on any more.  I would love to branch out into vlogging one day, but that day is not now.  For the time being, these challenge days will be used to rest and catch up with other social media.

6. Create a Facebook album of positivity: I use my personal Facebook A LOT but I keep that separate from my blog for privacy reasons. I need to get into the habit of posting more interesting and original content on my Facebook blog page.  I’ve created a new album “Photo a day : Positivity and I’ll be (hopefully adding to it each day with things that make me smile

7. Tumblr scheduling – I do love Tumblr although I don’t always spend the time on it that I should. Normally I just queue tons and tons of posts that I love (throwing in a few original ones for good measure) to keep the blog active and fresh. I also share all of my Instagram and blog posts on my Tumblr as well.  For this challenge, as well my usual queuing, I also scheduled one original post per hour, making sure it offer a variety of posts – some text and some image.  I would love to get my Tumblr followers up a little, but it’s definitely an area of development.

So, that’s week one done and dusted.  I’ll be back next Wednesday (hopefully) with a rundown of how the second week has been – and any other social media news.

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