Get Ready With Me: A Formal Dinner Dance

Last week was the 70th anniversary of West Bridgford Operatic Society, which I have been an on/off member of for nearly 10 years! (That time was flown!)  To celebrate, WBOS held a formal dinner and dance evening and, never one to miss an opportunity to dress up, I decided to go along.

I had planned on doing a fabulously formal “Get ready with me” post, but as usual I was far too rushed during my preparation and I totally forget to take a lot of  photos.  Still, I did manage to get a few, so I can show you at least a little bit of the evening.

As I was planning my outfit, I really wasn’t sure how glam everyone else would be going.  The invitation definitely said black tie and evening wear, but that can mean something different to each person.  After much deliberation, I decided to throw caution to the wind and dress up like it was Oscars.  There just aren’t enough opportunities nowadays to get dressed up in my finery, so I was not going to let this one pass me by.

I am absolutely useless at doing anything with my hair, so it is very fortunate for me that I have a sister who owns a hair salon. I popped over to visit Kim so that she could work wonders with my mop that is in desperate need of a sort out.  We decided to go with an updo for a change and Kim managed to create a kind of roll thing that looked classic and slightly vintage.  I loved it.  That’s the easy part done – I was on my own when it came to makeup.


I opted for a very classic makeup look, something that I knew I could do without too much trouble.  I did play with my eyeshadows (which almost never happens) and did a half-hearted grey smokey eye, with a classic black eyeliner flick.  Sticking with the vintage theme I chose my Dior lipstick in 999.  This little beauty was a birthday gift from my previous boss and I use it sparingly as I’m pretty much never going to be able to afford to replace it!

I desperately wanted to buy a new dress for the event, something a bit special.  I looked at a variety of frocks ranging from £50 to £350 but sadly I had a completely non-existent budget and so (for once) was sensible and didn’t buy any of them.  Luckily, I did find a complete on eBay  – this Cherlone evening gown in grey/silver for only £25!


It may not exactly be couture but it was still very pretty and flattering.  From a distance I’m sure you couldn’t tell that the fabric wasn’t of the highest quality.  I got lots of compliments from other guests, so that’s enough for me!  Plus I don’t have to feel bad if I never get a chance to wear it again.

To accessorise my outfit, I chose these Next shoes which I wore on my wedding day.  They’re a funny silver/grey colour and so they hardly ever get worn.  It was nice to pull them out of the back of the closet. I continued the vintage theme with my three string pearls and a black faux fur stole that I’d bought for my uncle’s wedding last October.

Overall I was really quite happy with the finished look.  (As much as I’m ever happy about how I look!) I felt like 1940’s screen starlet and it was a lot of fun swishing about in my new frock.  I was probably one of the most dressed-up women there – a lot of the others were in nice cocktail dresses or skirts – but I really don’t mind being over-dressed.  I quite like standing out!


The evening itself was a beautiful affair.  The dinner held at Nottingham Golf Club, which was a stunning setting with lovely grounds to look out on.  There were lots of familiar faces from some of my previous shows and it was nice to see old friends and have a catch up.  We had lots of laughs reminiscing about the shows and experiences we’d shared.


We had all pre-booked a three course meal.  I had a tomato and red pepper soup to start, a main course of steak and vegetables and then chocolate fondant (naturally) for dessert. The food was absolutely delicious and I devoured it all, which I instantly regretted as my dress started to get a little tight!

After the dinner there was time for speeches, a raffle and a spot of dancing to a live band before it was time for me to call it a night and head home.  Unfortunately I had to be up early the next morning and so couldn’t afford to be out too late!


Overall I had a really lovely night.  I love any excuse to get dolled up, and the fine food and company just made it even better.  I think we should make it an annual thing.  Anybody with me?


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