Lindy Bop Love : A Wishlist

People who know me well will probably already be aware of my current obsession with vintage clothing, specifically dresses, specifically those sold on the Lindy Bop website.

I tend to treat myself to at least one (possibly more) dress on each birthday, Christmas or other random special event where I can convince myself that a new outfit is necessary.  And God help me if there is a sale on the Lindy Bop website, when things can start to get really messy! (Don’t even mention the January sales!)

After taking an oath not to purchase any more dresses for quite some time (there are a number still unworn in my wardrobe), I made the fatal mistake of taking a quick glance at their New In section!  So much prettiness, so many polka dots, so little money! Sob!

As I won’t be buying any more dresses in the considerable future I decided to torture myself by writing a list of the top 5 dresses that I would buy, immediately, if I could. I’ve narrowed it down to 5, because if we’re being totally honest I’d probably just bulk buy the lot if given half a chance!!!


1. Maybelle Jacquard Twin Set in black or white:  This dress is so classically beautiful and vintage that it almost hurts my eyes!  I can see myself now, wearing this with a pair of sunglasses and a string of pearls, imagining I was Audrey Hepburn in my mind.  I’d be living the “Mad Men” dream at work – now I just need to decide if I prefer the white or black?


2. Vanessa Candy Pink Stripe Wiggle Dress: I already own the Vanessa dress in a number of colours and patterns, but I feel that I may need to add some stripes to that collection.  Plus, this colour is so pretty and girls – it would be perfect for a summer night out with the girls.

Lindybop 2

3. Ophelia Baby Blue/Pink Icing Satin Swing Dress: I’m having a proper “Sleeping Beauty” moment here where I just can’t decide between pink and blue! (Bonus points if you get the Disney reference!).  I wore the Ophelia dress in Gold to my uncle’s wedding and  loved it.  It fit perfectly and was so glamorous.  I’d love to own it in every colour, even if I’d have no idea where to wear them all!

Lindybop 3.jpg

4. Zsa Zsa Red Twin Set Wiggle Dress or Ariel Red Fishtail Wiggle Dress: Next up, it’s the battle of the red dresses.  Now that I’m a confirmed redhead, I kinda feel like I should steer clear of red dresses but I just love them so much!  And if it’s good enough for Jessica Rabbit, it’s good enough for me!  I adore the Zsa Zsa (yet another Twin Set) but the Ariel is just so darn seductive.  How is a girl supposed to choose?


5. Sloane Teal Swing Dress: Last, but absolutely not least, this Sloane dress is the one I am most likely to purchase when I next have the opportunity.  The style is completely different to anything else I’ve purchased from Lindy Bop and that colour is to die for!  It would look amazing with the red hair I mentioned in the previous point.  SO, watch this space. You may see me wearing it very soon!

Did I say top 5??  It was sooooooo hard to narrow this down.  So here are just a few more that didn’t quite make the shortlist (but easily could have!)

Lindy Bop 4.jpg

Here’s the link if you want more info on any of the above dresses, plus you’ll find lots, lots more!

Oh, and in case you’re interested, my birthday is in July and they do gift vouchers.

Just saying 😉

Thanks for listening.  Do you wear Lindy Bop?  What’s your favourite style?  Or can you recommend any other similar websites that I might like?  Leave me a comment below!





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