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After Christmas, I didn’t really write too much about the presents that I received.  This was mainly down to a case of “too many gifts, too little time.”  I did get lots of lovely things.  Perfume, makeup, skincare products, DVDs, books (including the new illustrated Harry Potter), a Disney jigsaw, some adult colouring books….the list goes on and on.  And I’m sure I’ve forgotten something really special.  But this was December.  I’ve slept A LOT since then!

One gift though has already FAR exceeded expectations.

My mum and dad bought me a membership at one of my local theatres.  As a Friend of the Royal centre you get discounted tickets to select performances, advanced notice of ticket sales as well as a number of other city centre discounts.

When I first heard about it, I was excited, but a little doubtful of how much I would actually use it.  And whether it would actually save me any money!  I really had no reason to be doubtful.

As I type this, I already have tickets lined up to see five different shows between now and August.

First up, in a couple of weeks, I’ll be going with my parents and Moogle to watch Annie.  As a musical fanatic, there is nothing I enjoy more than introducing my children to all of my favourite shows.  Bug is still a little young to go and watch full shows at the theatre, but Moogle is really well behaved and we always have a nice time on our theatre trips.

Then in May I’ll be going to see Breakfast at Tiffany’s with my best friend, as our joint Christmas present to each other.  It’s a show I’m not familiar with, which is always interesting, but there’s nothing better than a theatre trip with my bestie!

Also in May, Moogle and I will be going to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang which should be an amazing experience for her.  We’ll also be sat on the front row which will hopefully make it that little bit more special.

Thanks to a pre-sale announcement, I managed to bag incredibly good seats for me and Moogle to see Cats in July, with a £10 discount on each ticket!  I’ve introduced her to the DVD and the soundtrack and I think it’s safe to say she is addicted.  Even Bug is learning the words to “Macavity”.  I think I may have created a monster!

Thanks to the same announcement, I am going with a few of my Burlesque friends to watch Chicago in August, as we are performing some of the routines in our next big show.  It’s set to be a great girly night out.

Finally, I’ve booked to see The Full Monty with my best friend again in September.  We always try and treat each other for birthdays, and although that won’t be until June/July time we thought we may as well plan ahead.  I’ve seen amateur productions of this show (which were amazing) so I’m excited to see how the professional show differs.

The Friend’s family membership costs £55 and I have already saved that in discounts on these tickets alone.  I get emails almost every day with new shows coming up and I’m certain there will be something else I want to see before long.  There’s also the big panto in December and I hope to take the whole family for a fraction of the price!

There is an argument to be made that I wouldn’t have bought all of these tickets without the membership, so I’m actually spending more money than I would normally.  But as an avid theatre lover, I think this is just giving me the opportunity to see far more theatre than I’d normally be able to afford to.

I can’t wait to see what I book next.  Follow me on Bloglovin or Twitter and you’ll no doubt see reviews of each show when the time comes.

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