The 2016 Review: February

Aren’t leap years great?

Well, not actually.  To be honest I could have really done without an extra day in February this year, but it does mean that my February review will not be overdue.  It will be published in February.

At least, it will if I finish writing it in the next 1 hour and 29 minutes.

So, how was February.  It was ok, I suppose.  I’ve certainly had worse.  I did manage to lock myself out of my house – which was a low point.  But it did end on a high with a Sunday crammed with playing dress up at a wedding fayre, rehearsing the heck out of a Burlesque show and a cinema date with my Dad to see Deadpool (So funny, I almost cried!)

Now what about all of those goals I set at the start of Feb?  We all know they were more like guidelines really, right?  Suggestions?  Ok, most of them were pure wishful thinking but I was always taught to dream big!

Let’s review:

  1. Post at least once a week – Ha! More like once a month.  On the plus side, I’ve had a few good viewing days and I’ve got plenty of ideas for future posts.  And at least I posted something.
  2. Cleaning/House organisation – I had a couple of days over half term that were Auber-productive.  I actually saw a light at the end of the clutter tunnel.  Then the girls came home and within a number of hours you couldn’t tell I’d done anything.  I did give the kitchen a proper cleaning and defrost the freezer, so not a total fail.  It’s a work in progress.
  3. My reading challenge.  I started The Colour Purple.  I read about 4 pages and then got distracted by a torrid Eloisa James romance.  Not a great start.  Must exert more discipline.
  4. Quality time with the girls – I honestly couldn’t tell you what I’ve spent the last month doing, but I’m sure there weren’t many child-friendly activities.  I suck at this parenting lark.
  5. Moogle’s homework – Her class teacher is currently off sick, so she hasn’t bought any homework home in ages!  We have done lots of reading together though – she’s getting so good now and her expression is coming on in leaps and bounds.  #proudmummymoment!

Looking at that lot, I don’t think I can really say February was really that successful.  Right now, I’m struggling to work out what I’ve been doing for the past 29 days.

A clean slate starts tomorrow.  Check back to see what my goals are for March – and place bets on whether I’m going to stick to them or not!

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