February Goals

Guess what? We are 10 days into February and I am already running behind on my blogging schedule.  Are you surprised?  Nope – me neither!  Still better late than never as they say.  So, here for your reading delight are my goals for February.  (Most of which I’ve probably already broken by now – but it’s never too late to start!)

1. I would love to publish a new blog post at least once a week.  Actually in an ideal world I would like to publish more than one a week, but I think it’s important to stay realistic.  Let’s not aim too high. Set the bar nice and low, and then if I do manage to post more I can be very pleasantly surprised with myself!

2. February is going to be the month of organisation at my house. I have lots of little jobs hanging around that I would like to finally get done.  I’ve made myself a calendar, breaking the jobs down to one a day (Yep – I’m already behind, but that’s ok). Hopefully by March I’ll have made some real progress to making the house feel more like a home.

3. This one kind of links with number 2.  Half term is just around the corner, and I’m planning a top-to-toe house clean.  Nothing too deep. But each rooms will be hoovered, dusted, mopped, wiped and refreshed, ready for going to back to work.

4. Although I have lots of chores/obligations I have to get through, I would like to make sure I dedicate some time to me and my hobbies.  I recently wrote about my reading challenge and in February I’d like to get started with at least two of the books on my list.  Hopefully I’ll get on a roll and can read even more in March.

5. I realised recently that I hardly ever do any quality activites with my children.  Whenever the girls want to paint, do playdoh, craft, play games, do puzzles… the list is endless, I always say I’m too busy and I don’t have time.  This month, I plan to make time.  I’m going to pencil out at least a couple of hours each week to spend some quality time with the girls.

6. Last but not least, I’d like to schedule in homework time for Moogle and me.  Too often we forget, or cram it in at the last minute.  It would be nice for us to have a set time to sit down together and work through it.

So that’s February.  I’m already playing catch-up, but that’s nothing new is it?  I’ll report back in a few weeks to let you know how we got on!

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