Dear Santa…A Fantasy Wishlist

Dear Santa,

Now that I’m a grown up and have children of my own to sort out, I hardly ever take the time to write a letter to you with my wishlist for Christmas.

Friends and family are generous, of course, and ask me what I would like and I give all of the acceptable responses.  Clothes, makeup, books, bath products – all the usual stuff for an adult female.  But let’s be honest.  We both know that if you want something REALLY special, there’s only one person who can work miracles.

So here is a (reasonably short) list of what I’d really like for Christmas… (Don’t worry – I definitely won’t be asking for a baby brother!)

1.An iphone 6. Has to be rose gold, because that’s fashionable right now. Ok, so I know it might cost more than my first car, but they’re so darn pretty! I’m still currently using my iphone 4S from about 4 years ago, even though it has a broken on/off button! I think I deserve an upgrade, don’t you?


2. The entire LindyBop back catalogue of dresses. I’ve already near bankrupted myself buying as many of these as I can, but the truth is I’ll never be able to get them all. And it’s so hard to choose. They’re all so beautifully vintage and glamourous. So if you could just send them all over (you do know my size, right?) then I’d be very grateful during the Christmas party season


3.Some MAC makeup – whatever you think will suit me. All of the beauty bloggers are always raving about MAC, but I’ve yet to sample any of it! It’s all a bit out of my price bracket. And while you’re at it, I’ll have some of those Real Techniques brushes that you always see on Youtube. The gorgeous copper ones that would make my dressing table look fabulous, although I’ll probably hardly use them! (If I had a dressing table – maybe you could send one of those at the same time?)


4.Collectif Coat – Seriously – look how gorgeous this coat is!  Ok, so it may be a tad over the top (not to mention tad expensive at £175) but it’s so beautiful.  And I’ve always been told I have my own individual style.  I’m pretty sure I can pull this off!


5.Swaravski bangle – It’s pretty.  It’s shiny.  It’s sparkly.  Do I really need to say any more?


And then concludes my 2015 Christmas wish list.  Obviously I should also ask for world peace and an end to poverty – if you have any free time.

Oh, and if you’re feeling REALLY generous, I have always wanted one of these:


Well, it never hurts to ask does it?

Anyway, thank you very much, Santa, for anything you do decide to give me – I’m sure I will appreciate everything.

Merry Christmas

Yours truly,

signature 2

P.S  – I don’t any of these images – I found them all online, mostly on the brand website.  Hopefully they won’t mind as I’m shamelessly plugging their products.


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